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TV: From Party Down to Dollhouse

My favourite new show is "Party Down" which is smart, hilarious, irreverent and sexy, just as you might hope for from a Rob Thomas show. Paul Rudd also writes and produces, Fred Savage directs, and the cast are uniformly fantastic. In fact, they're all so good I can't bear to single anyone out as being the best, but what would you expect when this little, low-budget charmer stars the likes of Jane Lynch, Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Martin Starr and Ryan Hansen? Exactly. And I haven't even mentioned all the other Veronica Mars alums who guest star on the show throughout the first season, including Jason Dohring, who, rather adorably, plays a conservative politician in episode 2, and then there's Ms Bell herself, who will appear in the final episode. PLEASE WATCH.


Sorry, but I found the second episode of "Kings" so boring I've given up on it already.


Oh Smallville. I found 'Eternal' truly appalling, and if you want to know what I thought of it, just go read jeannev or duskwillow's reviews, here and here.


"Southland" annoyed the hell out of me - I really like Ben McKenzie, but I don't particularly care for gritty cop dramas that pretend to be realistic but which are actually just stylised diatribes about how much life sucks, so. No thanks.


Damages, 2.13: Trust Me

LOVED. I assumed they would tie up the story in a way that meant Patty and Ellen could work together in season 3 but I had no idea HOW they'd do it, because it really did seem like their relationship was royally fucked. Well played, Damages. Well played indeed.

I was only sorry not to see Marcia Gay Harden in the last few episodes and I genuinely hope they find a way to include her in the cast next year because she rules.


Bones, 4.18: The Doctor in the Den

Finally an episode about Cam! And actually the most moving the show has been in a long, long while. I really liked it, although Brennan's crack about house cats eating their owners before they go cold really freaked me out, mostly because I can totally imagine Charlie eating my fresh corpse without even the hint of a conscience.


Dollhouse, 1.08: Needs

I liked this episode, but I will be disappointed if the four main actives genuinely got closure from the exercise, as I would like to see more of the Victor/Sierra romance (hot!), and of course, Echo's need to help others and do the right thing no matter what it costs her is a character trait I greatly admire, and I hope it's an aspect of her that will come to the surface regularly.

The twist about Dr Saunders was superb, because while she has always seemed the most conflicted of the Dollhouse staff (along with Boyd), her morality is ambiguous -- yes, she cares more about the dolls than, say, Adelle or Dominic, but she's still *working* for the devil, and there's obviously more to her than meets the eye. Like the rest of the characters, she is only becoming more intriguing.
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