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Can someone please tell me exactly what happened in Supernatural last night with regards to mentions of fanfic/fangirls and wincest etc, and Sam and Dean's reaction to it? Because I don't have a clear picture yet and it's bothering me. Thanks!


Nightfall, by utsusemia, might be the most powerful, emotionally devastating, hauntingly beautiful story I've ever read. You needn't have even seen Veronica Mars for it to knock the breath out of you, but if you have the slightest fondness for Logan/Veronica it will kill you. Read it and then come and hold me.


I've had the week from hell. There are several people at work I'd love to punch in the face, but I'm a pacifist so I can't.

Tell me something cheerful/funny/nice and/or rec me the saddest story you've ever read, I don't care about the fandom (although if it's a pairing that squicks me I won't read it, obviously).
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