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Smallville, Gossip Girl, Dollhouse and 30 Rock

Smallville, 8.17: Hex

Ah, it's nice to have a new favourite episode ever, especially given how indifferent I've been to Smallville since 'Bride', but 'Hex' was such good fun, it did all the characters favours, and it allowed Tom to do some comedy, which is something he excels at but doesn't get to do nearly enough of; I honestly can't think of another episode of Smallville that has made me cry with laughter the way the rooftop scene did -- both times I watched it.

Of course, the fact that it was also fantastically shippy and that the tables have turned so now it's Clark crushing on Lois and Lois pretending she no longer cares -- something I have beeing longing for -- didn't hurt one bit, and two of my favourite moments in the episode were the expression on Clark's face when, A) he giggled all shocked over ChLois's tight shirt, his gaze helplessly lingering on her chest just a *fraction too long* (there's seriously nothing hotter to me than Clark being unable to hide a sexual reaction, because it's such a rare and beautiful occurence) and when B) ChLois tripped and he caught her and he couldn't take his moon-eyes off her. SIIIIIIIIIIGH. That is the stuff that keeps me hooked on this show no matter how else it makes me suffer.

I adored getting to see a bit of the way Clark interacts with Lois at work, even if it wasn't actually Lois in the scene - she brings out the snarky, lighthearted, *normal* side of Clark (which no one else has ever done, ever), and the obvious pleasure he takes in their relationship makes me wonder how anyone can be opposed to this budding romance. He's just so relaxed and happy around Lois, and I know the reason he's grown to love his job as a reporter is as much to do with her as it is to do with the actual work. He framed her rules, he thinks there's no one else like her, he is *completely smitten* with her, and he is FINALLY starting to realise it.

Hell, even Chloe ships Clois, and if that's not the ultimate Fuck You to Chloisers then the rest of the episode certainly is. HA!

Speaking of Chloe, go read huzzlewhat's brilliant review if you want to know how I feel about her role as Watchtower -- I love Barbara Gordon and I do feel it's a plot turn that disrespects her even while it makes perfect sense within the SV universe. But I'll get over it and actually it's a great thing for the character of Chloe -- she's carved out a special niche for herself; something she's good at, something she loves, and something that, we discover, is quintessentially *Chloe*. She's been veering away from the journalist path for a long time, and since finding out about Clark's powers she has been far more interested in helping him than in chasing stories.

The Zatanna story was cool, my favourite part being Clark talking her out of the bad mojo she was working.

Erica and Tom were both *amazing*. I won't claim that Tom's range is huge, but his comic timing is very impressive, and I thought he had a really intelligent understanding of how to play regular!Clark here, and everything he did on the rooftop with ChLois was perfect; from the line about the door needing maintenance, to the marvelling over the acoustics, to the way he backed away from ChLois, holding his arm up defensively - it was all comedy gold. Also, my God, how is that man so freaking gorgeous? It's got to be a crime.

Hee, I haven't written so much about Smallville in yonks. I just loved it so much. ♥


Gossip Girl, 2.19: The Grandfather

I know this is controversial because she's one of the most popular female characters in fandom but really, does Blair have any redeeming features whatsoever? Yeah, she's played by an actress of great charm, but Blair herself is a despicable human being and it actually really depresses me that she's so beloved because there's literally not a single thing about her to admire or look up to or respect. I've been tiring of her self-pitying, vengeful, assholish behaviour for a while now but this was the episode that made me give up on her entirely. My hope is that Chuck will get his revenge on Blair and Nate by seducing then falling in love with Vanessa. It'll never happen, I know, but I'll be dropping this show at the end of the season anyway so I'll just pretend. If anyone writes that fic, turnonmyheels, do let me know!


Dollhouse, 1.07: Echoes

HOW GOOD IS THIS SHOW NOW, OMG. That's all I have to say.


30 Rock, 3.16: Apollo, Apollo

Things I loved:

1. Everything.
2. Dennis being a sex addict.
3. That Jack throws up when he's really happy.
4. That Liz is someone who can make him throw up with happiness.
5. That Jack and Liz are totally BFFs who share everything with each other, and who find each other hot even if they don't admit it to themselves.
6. Lizzing.
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