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TV roundup.

Some quick non-spoilery opinions on all the shows I'm watching at the moment:

30 Rock

It's only the best comedy on television! Possibly ever! Not only is the cast uniformly funny and gorgeous, the show continues to tackle actual real life issues (falling in love! Doubting the path you've taken in life! Living in a beauty bubble! Being a woman in a man's world! Being a black man in a white man's world!) with such marvellous wit, affection and self deprecation, if you're not watching your life is not complete.


When it's not trying too hard to be funny, this show IS pretty funny and enjoyable. The unique, appealing characters generally make up for some of the more dubious plot turns (although not always). It is very sad that I no longer care whether Booth and Brennan get together though.


Rose Byrne, Glenn Close and Marcia Gay Harden playing powerful, brilliant, complex, fabulous women, who make the male characters on the show look really quite pathetic? HELL YES. I love it *so* hard.


After the most recent episode, my new favourite? I'm not kidding! I encourage everyone who understandably abandoned this early on to give it a second chance, because if it stays as good as "Man on the Street" it's going to be a truly great, challenging, entertaining TV show.

Flight of the Conchords

The songs might not be quite as good this season but the boys are as fantastically funny as ever. Did I mention that I met Jemaine once? Also I am friends with some people who know someone who used to shag Bret. New Zealand: where we are all one degree of separation away from each other.

Gossip Girl

I think Vanessa is the most gorgeous girl ever, and Nate is an adorable thicky, and everyone else can go to hell.


Remains one of the funnest hours of television, even after all these years. I have the most enormous crush on Kutner. When we watched it on Sunday I was all, "I would have sex with him," to the room, because he's such a sexy dork.

How I Met Your Mother

Lie To Me

VERY VERY GOOD AND GETTING BETTER BY THE WEEK. I just love how interesting and educational it is and how unspeakably cute Brendan Hines is.


I'm a slave to this show - it's ridiculous yet awesome, and I can't wait to find out what happens next.


The last episode didn't suck! It wasn't great or anything, and I felt like I'd seen the Tess/Clark plot about a gazillion times before, but Jimmy was great and completely in the right throughout. Chloe OTOH, was not, and deserved to get her treacherous ass dumped. Davis was quite interesting for once! Clark was HOTTTTTT.

The United States of Tara

Superb. Actually makes me weepy about once an episode and I mean that in the best possible way.
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