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HIMYM 4.17: The Front Porch & Kings, 1.01: Goliath

How I Met Your Mother, 4.17: The Front Porch

Okay, Alyson is totally pregnant and rather than writing the pregnancy into the show they're trying to hide it, yes? I'm cool with that because I like the dynamic the way it is and if both Robin and Lily started popping out babies too much would change, but it's hilariously obvious.

My favourite things about this episode were Marshall and Barney in their nightshirts and Robin's show. LOL OMG. Even though she was only occasionally visible in the background and you couldn't hear what was happening, Cobie Smulders completely stole that scene. I love her so much. <3

Please, show, please don't let Ted and Robin get back together, even temporarily. Let Barney have her, because they are far better suited.

Kings, 1.01: Goliath

I'm not completely sold on this yet (another show about white men?) but it's got potential. Chris Egan, the actor playing David, reminds me of a young Matt Damon, lovely deep voice and all, and David himself is the kind of pure, perfect hero I tend to fall quite hard for. Then there's the great Ian McShane, always a charismatic presence if not a likeable one. Mostly I just love the scale of it, and how majestic it looks and feels. Something this ambitious could go either way but on the strength of the pilot it looks like it's going to be a unique, beautiful and entrancing show.
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