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What's in a kiss?

fanficcionista asked me for my top five favourite kisses in any fandom (and 5 unsexy/disgusting/boring kisses in any fandom LOL), and because there is nothing better in the world than a great screen kiss I am going to dedicate an entire post to this question. I've kept my focus on TV fandoms to save my sanity, and I do apologise that these are all heterosexual kisses -- there's a lot of memorable sex scenes in The L Word, but no one kiss stands out from the rest (also, that show is dead to me); same goes for QAF.

You have no idea how much time I've spent pondering this btw, because so much goes into the making of a great screen kiss. For starters, it's got to be hot. If I'm not squirming in my seat the kiss has failed me. But what makes a screen kiss hot? Obviously the characters/actors have to have great chemistry with each other, but equally as important, there should be a lot at stake; it should be risky, possibly ill-advised, and it should fundamentally change the relationship forever.

My Top Five

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike and Buffy fight, then kiss, then fuck, while the building falls down around them ("Smashed")

  2. The Wire: Stringer and Donette get it on. ("Hot Shots")

  3. Lost: Sawyer bribes Kate to kiss him ("Confidence Man")

  4. Veronica Mars: Veronica and Logan's first kiss ("Weapons of Class Destruction")

  5. Prison Break: Michael and Sara's first kiss ("The Key")


It was difficult to choose my favourite Spike/Buffy kiss; I considered the "Something Blue" kissage, because that's the episode that turned me into a Spuffy shipper, but they were under a spell at the time so while it was funny and sexy, it wasn't particularly intense, and for this list I wanted kisses that turned me on and made my heart clench up all at the same time. Their first kiss, at the end of "Once More With Feeling", was great, but the mood of the episode meant it was ever so slightly cheesier than it might have otherwise been. So I went with the kiss that followed their violent fist fight in "Smashed", and that lead to one of the most erotic sex scenes ever committed to celluloid.

Stringer and Donette's kiss had a huge impact on me. Even though it hardly seems important compared to what else happens in The Wire, it's actually quite the event. It kicks off Stringer's massive, ongoing betrayal of his crew, and it's also the single sexiest thing to ever happen in this show. That it was prefaced by the following dialogue only made it more erotic (bonus points for visible use of tongue):

Stringer: (discarding the shirt Donette had just given him) I'm an XO.
Donette: No doubt.

If I have one bullet proof kink it's the Reluctant Lover. I love that Sawyer had to bribe Kate to kiss him, I love that she was disgusted by and contemptuous of the suggestion, I love that she agreed despite her dislike of Sawyer, and I particularly love that it very obviously turned her on.

When Veronica and Logan kiss for the first time it changes everything. In a flash they go from being enemies to being something *else*. Until it happened neither of them were even aware of their feelings; the physical attraction between them surprised them both and it became instantly obvious that they had been repressing it for quite some time.

Sara falling in love with Michael was in many ways the worst thing that could have happened to her -- her relationship with Michael literally cost her everything, including her job, and that's what makes this kiss so incredibly romantic. Also, the way he moves his head into the kiss is scorchingly sexy.


Bones: Caroline makes Booth and Brennan kiss under misteltoe ("Santa in the Slush"). While this kiss was hot (although the outtake kiss is actually far steamier) the circumstances were too contrived -- yeah, it was obvious they enjoyed the kiss more than they "should" have, but it didn't really cost them anything and everything returned to normal afterwards.

Smallville: Lois kisses Clark while he's disguised as Green Arrow ("Hydro"). I love this kiss! And it nearly made it onto the list because it was clearly the best kiss Lois ever had, and it blew Clark's mind too. However, the perfect Clois kiss has not yet happened as far as I'm concerned--it will not be under false pretences, it will be because they are in love with each other and they cannot stop themselves--which is why this did not make the cut.

So! Vote in this poll then come and tell me all about your personal favourite screen kisses.

Poll #1368069 Kiss me!

Best screen kiss.

Buffy/Spike ("Smashed")
Stringer/Donette ("Hot Shots")
Kate/Sawyer ("Confidence Man")
Veronica/Logan ("Weapons of Class Destruction")
Michael/Sara ("The Key")


I think I will leave the icky kisses list to another day because I know they're out there but I'm struggling to think of any right now - suggestions are most welcome!
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