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Alphabet meme

Gakked from giggleloop

A - Age of your first kiss? I was a late bloomer and didn't kiss a guy until I was 17. And then we did some dry humping and he came all over me. *shudders at memory*

B - Band you are listening to right now: Razorlight

C - Crush: Uh, I take it television characters don't count? Then NONE. I haven't had a crush on anyone in way too long. Most men bore the crap out of me.

D - Dad's name: Merv. (haha)

E - Easiest person to talk to: Wow, that's hard. All my friends are easy to talk to, but I'm gonna say my friend/ex lover, Tom.

F - Favorite ice cream: Hagandaas Belgium Chocolate. ORGASMITRON.

G - Gummy worms or Gummy bears?: Dunno.

H - Hometown: Havelock North, New Zealand.

I - Instruments: Piano and violin throughout my childhood. I went as far as ATCL with piano, though to be honest, I was never very good (no discipline, no willingness to practice). Voice is the main one , because it came naturally and I never had to put any work into it.

J - Junior High: No such thing where I'm from.

K - Kids: Maybe. Not for a long time if at all. I wouldn't be surprised if I never had kids.

L - Longest car ride: Can't remember. There were a lot of long car rides in my childhood. Me and the fam have done the entire length of NZ in a car.

M - Mum's name: Judy.

N – Nicknames: I've never had any. Kate suits me too much. Though I get called Katie by some friends, and I love it. Feel free to call me Katie ANY TIME.

O - One wish: I'm not gonna be noble here, I'm gonna be honest. TO HAVE A FUCKLOAD OF MONEY.

P - Phobia: I'm very scared of hard work.

Q - Quote: Currnently: "He's somewhere I can keep an eye on him. And torture him a little, when I'm feeling blue."

R - Reasons to smile: Because it feels great to smile and it makes other people feel great. I don't need a reason to smile. I smile all freaking day.

S - Scent: Tuscany.

T - Time you woke up today: About 7.30am

U - Unknown fact about me: I am allergic to all kinds of fake tan. This annoys me as I have very pale skin, I don't tan well, and it would be nice, just for once, to be able to get my legs out in the summer without blinding people.

W - Worst luck with: Relationshps. Seriously. I've never had a successful one. Two long term: the first was with a man I was totally in love with and he was an absolute cunt of a boyfriend and he made me completely miserable. The second was with a much nicer man who loved me a ridiculous amount and I didn't love him back. I stayed with him for two and a half years and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It's why I'm extremely happy with my single status, FYI.

X - X-rays you've had:  Dunno. (I have an appalling memory.)

Y - Years since you've been to church: Uh, I've never been to church for reasons of faith. Born an atheist, will die an atheist.

Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo.

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