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Veronica Mars, Season 2 (complete)

Best weekend ever. Kate + home alone + a season of her favourite tv show = PURE HAPPINESS.


I didn't hate it. I could never hate it. No matter how bad it may get in season 3 I love this show more than anything else and I suspect I will forgive it anything. And season 2 wasn't bad. It had as many beautiful moments as it had problems, and while I know it could have been better I am still deeply in love. The characters are all fascinating and unpredictable, the dialogue is fantastic, the plotting is incredibly intricate (perhaps convoluted is a more accurate word?) and I applaud VM for being intelligent, unsentimental and brave and for trying to tell difficult stories. Shit you guys, turns out Veronica *was* raped, turns out she has an STD, and they barely made a fuss over it because VM is no after school special, it's a show that tackles these huge issues in the bluntest possible fashion and expects us to just deal with it. That's *awesome*.

No, season 2 was not as well crafted as season 1, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. This show is great. No matter what happens next it is a brilliant television show and I fucking love it.

Season 2 left me feeling bereft and unsatisfied because I wanted more than it gave me and I felt that certain things weren't delivered. But then I very much specifically wanted lots of romance between Logan and Veronica and there was frustratingly little (and for some reason I thought there was going to be more - I blame the misleading icons I saw featuring a naked Logan with a blonde girl that I assumed to be Veronica but that turned out to be Hannah. I was expecting sex! There was no sex. I will try not to get my hopes up for s3 but omg, PLEASE LET THEM HAVE SEX, ROB THOMAS). That said, their story was kind of perfect. Some might consider it a rather brilliant feat that they remain the most compelling couple in the show (and the WORLD) even when they barely share any screen time. It's probably because when they do share a scene it's fraught with tension and emotion, it really does feel epic (Logan may have been drunk but he spoke the truth!), and their chemistry is electric, sexy, romantic; it's those two I care most about because they make me ache with the impossibility of it all. It genuinely moves me that they can hate each other one minute but in the next Logan will look at Veronica like he's never loved anyone more in his life. And you believe it because Dohring is an actor who has the ability to bare his soul to us even while he's making a sarcastic comment; he shows us a boy who is broken and fragile and who loves his girl helplessly, hopelessly, completely. And Bell is just, oh. My *favourite*. Such a brillaint, clever actress who is far too good for Heroes and Gossip Girl. <3 <3 <3

The only episode I actively disliked was "Donut Run" at the halfway point. I'm not sure if it's because the episode was just plain bad or if I hated it because it kind of stabbed me in my poor wee shippy heart: Duncan and Veronica ending things the way they did, still in love, Duncan forced to run away with his love child of doom (lame), and I dunno. After the Smallville debacle this year I really do prefer the relationships that interfere with my ship to be broken up for reasons that have more to do with feelings changing than because of external forces outside the couple's control. I also felt like we skipped some important stuff, because the episode began and Meg was dead and the baby was born and I had to stop the DVD and go, "Wait, what? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?" And then Duncan was just gone from the show, which was weird, but at least that meant I could relax and watch how things unfolded between Lo and V.

I enjoyed Wallace's journey, even if it felt disjointed. My favourite Wallace bit was when he kissed Jackie behind Jane's back, because he's a guy and he's not actually perfect, and I love that it took him another day before he did the right thing and broke up with Jane. I also absolutely adored that he and Logan bonded over a science project and that he is totally not immune to Logan's charms. And it was *believable* as well, because Logan is funny - everyone likes being around funny people, so the first time Logan made Wallace crack a smile I nearly passed out with glee. I love it when enemies become friends (or lovers).

After season one I could not understand why anyone would be a fan of Dick Casablancas, but his appeal is no longer entirely lost on me. He's hilarious, in a clueless asshole kind of way, and I can see why Logan enjoys his company.

I'm not sure how I feel about Beaver turning out to be a murderous psychopath - he's both a tragic figure and someone it's difficult to feel sympathy for, because when he was on the roof with Veronica he was just plain evil. He killed her father with a smile on his face, and even though I knew Keith didn't die, seeing Veronica's world torn apart like that was utterly devastating. So whether Beaver's actions were convincing or in character is beside the point -- emotionally it worked for me. Logan fearlessly storming into the battlefield screaming, "No!" because he won't allow another girlfriend of his to be murdered, getting shot at, then begging Veronica not to kill Beaver because she's not a killer and neither is he - that was all superb as far as I'm concerned. And if the image of Veronica lying on Logan's lap, limp with grief, and he's the only person who could possibly be there for her at such an unspeakable time -- if that didn't break you, you might want to check that your heart is actually beating.



Duncan becoming a murderer, also with a smile on his face, was a bit shocking, but I'm pretty much okay with it. He's not one of my favourite characters and I *get* why he would do it, given what happened at Aaron's trial. And hey, I can't say I'm sad to see Aaron dead. His acquittal, in probably the best episode of the season, "Happy Go Lucky," was a cruel and horrifying (but excellent in terms of the story) surprise.

I love Veronica Mars and nothing anyone can say will stop me from looking forward to season 3 (which I am now downloading).
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