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The Veronica Mars Season 2 Marathon

I'm going to try and write occasional updates because I think some of you might be interested?

Veronica Mars, S2, Episodes 1-6

I'm actually really pleased that Veronica and Duncan got back together, because they needed proper closure, and if they'd never given it another shot they would have always wondered whether things could have worked out between them and they would never have entirely gotten over each other. Now when things end (which I'm expecting to happen quite soon) it will be for the right reasons, i.e. because the sex is mediocre and because Veronica would far rather jump Logan.

Speaking of Logan and Veronica, I love how mean they are to each other. I love how uncomfortable Veronica is around him and how bitter Logan is around her. I love how, even when they hate each other, you can still feel how strong the attraction between them is. I love Logan with his shirt off and how he had far better sex with Cordelia than Veronica had with Duncan, and how he was all, "if the cuddling is the best part, he didn't do it right," to her, because he knows he's a superior lay. Oh Logan. How I've missed you. ♥

(Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter AND Joss Whedon! The stunt casting continues to impress.)

I can see there is a slight dip in the quality--the overarching plot about the bus crash is a lot less emotionally resonant than Lily's murder, for example, although I would have expected that regardless--but I'm still really enjoying it and I'm still buying what it's selling. I'm most invested in the drama that takes place between the characters than in the detective stuff anyway, so if the storytelling isn't quite as tight as it was in S1 I'm not going to cry myself to sleep. I've be warned, my expectations are suitably low, and my characters are still compelling and sexy. All in all, it's going very well thank you!

And now to watch Dollhouse before I get back to VM. :(
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