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Damien Lewis; The L Word, 6.07; Charlie being a dumbass

The other day I was channel surfing and I stumbled upon a show called "Life" and it may interest you to know that Damien Lewis is extremely attractive. He's got one of those interesting faces that's not pretty so much as handsome, and he has this incredible intensity that makes it impossible to take your eyes off him. Sort of like Hugh Laurie or Jason Dohring.


The L Word, 6.07: Last Couple Standing

I'm not sure what to make of this season because while the drama is effectively suspenseful, many of the plot-lines are making me feel nervous and uncomfortable.

The Jenny/Shane relationship has just been horrible to watch, mostly because they are now characterising Jenny as being far more malicious and unethical than she's ever been in the past. Yeah, Jenny was always pretty crazy but I don't recall her being so outrageously nasty before. The nicest she's been was at the end of the previous episode when she looked after a sick Shane, but it was just after Shane had gone off to have sex with Nicki so her sweetness to Shane was tainted by the unpleasant nature of their deeply unhealthy relationship. I'm not enjoying seeing Shane trapped in a relationship that is clearly making her miserable, and it's equally awful that she would rather cheat on Jenny than stand up to her. Ugh. Added to that, we know that Jenny is going to either die or nearly die in the next episode and the last thing I want is for things to end in tragedy for either of these characters.

It looks like things are going to end on a downer for Alice as well. Tasha has fallen in love with someone who is far more suited to her and Alice knows it. Kudos to Leisha Hailey for her brilliant, moving performance in this episode and I hope she has a long career in acting after The L Word, because she's quite marvellous.

Then there's Bette and Tina. They'd be crazy to split them up in the finale and I'll be furious if they do but Jenny's got this misleading photograph of Bette and Kelly and an inability to mind her own business so that will have to be dealt with, and given their history I'm pretty sure Tina will have some trouble believing Bette's side of the story. I hope she just *does* believe Bette but I won't hold my breath.

At least things have worked out for Helena and Kit. :)

All in all, we seem to be heading towards a real bummer of a finale, which is not how I would want this show to end. So yeah, I'm a bit scared.


My stupid cat has somehow managed to injure himself. It was during the night a few nights ago and it happened inside and, don't worry, he is totally fine, except for the bruise (or whatever it is). My guess is that he was running too fast through the house (which he does a lot) and he skidded on the floor in the lounge and banged his face into the wall or something.

LOL. You can touch it and he doesn't even flinch, but WHAT THE HELL IS IT. I love this photo a lot btw.
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