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The coming weekend; Jason Segal's awesomeness; Dollhouse, 1.03: Stage Fright

My plan this weekend is this (and I'm really looking forward to it). See, Kirsty is going skiing and Suz might be around a bit but she'll prolly mostly be at her boyf's and if she is around she won't care what I'm doing. So. It is time. For me to watch. SEASON TWO OF VERONICA MARS. *airpunch*

That's all I'm going to do this weekend, along with eating lots of food, drinking some wine, smoking some weed, perhaps taking a pub break and hanging with Philip for a bit (who, btw, sent me an email this morning saying "30 Rock is the greatest show ever". VICTORY!) and avoiding everyone else's phone calls. So far everyone who has asked me what I'm up to this weekend has gotten this stern response: "I'm busy." I generally don't expand on that because some people don't think "I'm watching an entire season of television" is an acceptable reason to not want to hang out with them. Weird!


Thanks to the awesome ninasis I have been watching the season two "How I Met Your Mother" commentaries. My favourite (probably ever) was the Jason Segal one. I mean, they barely talked about the episode or the show, but HE TOOK ALL HIS CLOTHES OFF. He did the commentary naked. And I know it's impossible to tell for real but honestly you could TELL. Just from the reaction of the other guy doing the commentary it was totally obvious that it was really happening. And also, Jason Segal has a reputation for taking his clothes off a lot (see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" if you don't believe me). NAKED. I love Jason Segal so much. Then this morning I watched the season 3 gag reel on youtube and I'm sorry but Jason Segal, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris making out and having a threesome is the hottest and funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. <3 <3 <3


Dollhouse, 1.03: Stage Fright

This episode was ridiculous. I know Joss is trying to say something about how difficult it is for famous women to maintain their identity, and how they may feel they belong more to the public, their fans, the tabloids, or whatever, but giving us the character of Rayna, who actively *wanted* her stalker to murder her was the height of gross. How the fuck are we supposed to relate to her? Sympathise with her? Care whether she lives or dies?

No points.
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