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The Associations Meme

Leave a comment and I'll tell you five things I associate with you. And then you post about those five things, and invite others to have you tell them what you associate with them!

fleegull chose:

1) London

Ah, London. The emigration destination for 90% of the youth of New Zealand. If you're a kiwi and you haven't lived in London for at least a couple of years you are probably a big loser (no offence). I got here about seven years ago and I'm as settled as it's possible to be in a city this insane, although I still don't know my way around the west end. This is not a joke. Every time I go to the theatre I have to print off a coloured map from streetmap.co.uk and I still get lost. It's so embarrassing. I used to live in Notting Hill and I hate it there – too many tourists, too many bankers -- who think they’re cool for living in such a bohemian area when actually they are just suckers because it is now ridiculously overpriced and full of pretentious dickwads and it hasn’t been bohemian since the seventies although the carnival is still good times except for how it gets really violent -- not enough cool bars (which is the fault of the bankers, of course. A bar is only as cool as its clientele). Best city in the world.

2) Being so outspoken...a good thing!

Blame my parents, especially my mother. Both of them are scrupulously honest which is why I never lie, and my mother is very opinionated and outspoken, so it’s normal behaviour to me.

I’m an extrovert who likes a good discussion and the best way to kick off a discussion is by speaking your mind about a contentious issue. Yes, it means taking a risk that you might offend someone, but if you’re good humoured about it more often than not people will respond positively. Of course, being outspoken has come back to bite me in the ass on more than one occasion here in fandom and because of that I now keep my journal mostly light-hearted. As it turns out I’m not emotionally equipped to deal with nasty backlash and I’m definitely not prepared to be seen as a fandom wanker/hypocrite/misogynist even by a small number of fucking assholes, so I don’t look for trouble anymore because at heart I’m a sensitive soul who just wants people to like her.

3) female characters in fandom: standing up for them!

If I had one huge bugbear in fandom it’s the ubiquitous, relentless bashing of female characters. No matter what the fandom you’ll generally find the most unpopular character/s is/are female. This upsets me. It makes me wish that we would all try harder to resist hating that female character who drives us nuts, because maybe our reasons for hating her are Utter Bullshit and based more on deeply ingrained sexism than on things that actually offend us. Maybe they’re based on just plain jealousy. Maybe she’s really not all that bad. Maybe we should take a good hard look at ourselves every time we think of a female character as a skank, and if we just can’t help ourselves calling her a whore in our head we should *definitely* stop ourselves from sharing that opinion with the world. Because it hurts our cause whenever we use hateful, derogatory language about women, and is it really such a hardship to keep our mouths shut when we’re in public? It’s bad enough when men judge us because of the way we look or the number of people we fuck, but when women do it, it hurts so much more. It’s not wrong to hate a character (and of course I dislike my fair share of female characters) but when you’re spending more time despising her existence than you are, I dunno, having a life, you maybe want to check your attitude.

So yeah, even the female characters I don’t like will get a second, third, tenth chance from me, because I want to be able to stand up for them when everyone else is damning them to hell for eternity. \o/

4) Nightlife and how you live it up so well!

HA! I have always been a hedonist and I suspect I always will be. My friends and I tend to have this in common: we like to drink. If I’m getting together with a friend drinking is going to be done, and if it’s not I’m going to wonder why they're trying to ruin my good time.

5) Dinosaur comics!

Funniest comic strip IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I would marry T-Rex if I could (and if I can’t then I will marry Ryan).

A few of my favourites:






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