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I'm finally done with Season 4!

Alright you're all probably wondering when I'm gonna shut the hell up about SV, but seriously, I just spent all weekend watching the rest of S4, so humour me while I list my comments on the season as a whole:

  • Tom Welling. See, it's no secret that I'm shallow, but I don't see how any red blooded woman couldn't enjoy the hotness that is Tom in this season. He was naked for a fair amount of the time. He nearly had sex. He was funny. And cute. And his performance as Lionel was genuinely impressive (and extremely sexy).
  • Lana. Didn't bother me that much. Although the only real story arc of the season was Lana-centric, I did like that the actress was given something to do other than whine at Clark about how dishonest he is. I thought her chemistry with Jensen Ackles was pretty good and it was nice to see a snarkier, more fun side of Lana. I won't lie. I *adored* her stint as Dawn in Spirit. She made me *laugh out loud*, which is a first for KK.
  • Didn't Jason turn out to be a complete fucking tool? WOW.  I had been warned that the SV creative team had ruined the character, but nothing could have prepared me for the inexplicable switch from good guy to ebil mummy's boy in the space of an episode.
  • Speaking of which, that whole business with Jason's mother and their very mildly oepdipal relationship which I imagine was supposed to be creepy/erotic/in some way interesting, just left me going, meh, whatever, next scene please.
  • Jane Seymour, what's wrong with your voice? I found her breathy tones to be seriously irritating and I'm not sure if that's how she always talks, but it was an odd choice. A harder, clearer, more commanding voice would have made the character a lot more sinister. Instead, I just kept hoping she'd clear her throat.
  • And while we're on the subject, the stones/Isobel/Jason/Jason's crazy mom story was so fucking lame and dull, I couldn't even muster the pretense of interest in it. Thanks a bunch, SV, for boring the tits off me with the ONLY story arc in S4.
  • Episodes like Ageless made me want to puke. And what's up with the second to last episode of the season (Forever) being another Mutant of the week ep? Aren't you meant to be building up to a grand finale right about now?
  • Alicia who? I guess I imagined Clark being in love with a girl who then got horribly, brutally murdered. Because there was no evidence that she even *existed* after Pariah.
  • Chloe, you're my hero. I love that she found out about Clark's powers and I love how much of an awesome friend she is, but SV? She found out half way through the season, and Clark *still* doesn't know she knows (despite her ridiculous, incessent hinting). Why does SV feel the need to drag things like that out and out, yet can't even show us a smidgen of Alicia aftermath?
  • S4 was not kind to MR. Lex took way too much of a backseat for my liking and that's almost unforgivable, seeing as he's the most talented actor in the cast. HOWEVER. S4 gave me Onyx and for that I remain in deep, desperate love with my show.
  • Onyx. Yup. Favourite Ever Episode. MR is your real star, SV. The most captivating performance of the season, fuck, of the whole series, and you think people watch the show for Lana? Okay, the wiping of Lex's memories of his actions was a typically, predictably knuckleheaded decision, but hey, I forgive you. Because of shit like this:

"Lana – you can live like a queen at my side, or get tossed out with the rest of the garbage. Think about it. [looks her up and down] I know I will."

"You're probably right about that. But he's thought about it."

"He's somewhere I can keep an eye on him. And torture him a little, when I'm feeling blue." 

"Join me or everyone you love will SUFFER."

I mean, Jesus *Christ*, he delivered every fucking line *perfectly*. And of course, now we know that bad Clark and bad Lex would SO LOVE to join forces because they *know* they could bring the world to its knees. GUH. I love SV so much for giving me Onyx.  SO MUCH.

  • The finale? I liked Lex a lot and Chloe was magnificent. Not much else to say on that. I'm looking forward to catching up on the first 3 eps of S5 this week, and then we'll all be able to squee together. YEEEEHAAAA!!!!1111!!!!111!


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