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Some Oscars dresses; Lost, 5.06: 316

I did not see the Oscars (I never do because they're on in the middle of the night here) but I have been looking at red carpet pictures all morning. These are my three favourite gowns (and two least favourite):


Anne's dress and hair are elegant and perfect. She looks like a painting.


Beautiful colour!

Can you believe Viola Davis is in her forties? Radiant.

And a few that make me wanna hurl:

Awful dress, bad hair.

Darling Amanda, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? :*(


Lost, 5.06: 316

Oh thank GOD. What a relief to get them all back on the island, although I'm confused about what Ben was doing on the plane because don't I remember him saying that once he left he could never go back? Not that I mind him returning because he's probably my favourite character (he injects some much needed comic relief into the proceedings. By playing the ambiguous villain as a sarcastic wise-ass, he is vastly more charming than pretty much all the goodies put together - bar maybe Sawyer - because they don't actually have a sense of humour between them).

I'm actually psyched about the next episode; something I have not been able to say for the past few weeks.

Kate and Jack making out was hot. BUT WHERE HAS AARON GONE? (Also, how come Sun is abandoning her baby?)
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