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How I Met Your - WAIT FOR IT - Mother.

How I Met Your Mother, 3.16: Sandcastles in the Sand

I was spoiled for the Robin/Barney development, and while it probably would have been an awesome surprise I must say I have never been so excited about a spoiler in my entire freaking life. I mentioned it to Kirsty and everything and I was like, "I can't wait."

Then at the end of the episode with the laughing together on the couch and the watching Robin's amazing music video over and over (because he LOVES her) and the omg KISSING, I screamed at her: "IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S HAPPENING! THEY'RE DOING IT!" And I was all: :D! :D! :D!

In case you're wondering, yes I ship them. I don't even know why. (It's probably because I love Barney and I love that he's getting a romantic storyline because romantic storylines are my favourite.)

Also, Dawson Leery. LOLOLOLOL. <3


As you may know I'm rewatching Veronica Mars S1 with Kirsty and I thought I should mention how much we love Leo. Because he is adorable! Look:

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