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Dollhouse, 1.01: Ghost

Thank you to the people who gave me Valentines - I appreciate it so much, you have no idea. ♥


Dollhouse, 1.01: Ghost

It sucked. Eliza Dushku isn't a versatile enough actress to play this part. She was unconvincing as the kidnapping expert, even less convincing as Echo, and I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to care about a character with no personality or free will. Presumably the more self aware she becomes the more engaging she will be, but it's problematic to leave a pilot feeling nothing for the main character.

I'm also not convinced that Joss will be able to effectively explore the human condition via this premise, nor do I think he has anything new or interesting to say about people, morality or sexuality. On the strength of this episode I'm actually wondering if he's all out of good ideas. Everything felt hackneyed and clichéd to me - because while the set up might be semi-unique, the themes were simplistic, unoriginal and dull.

I suppose I will watch the next episode but if it's not a million times better than the pilot I'm outtie.
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