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That was quite a show. Very entertaining!

God I love Rihanna so much. Her voice is so gorgeously distinctive and her songs are all basically awesome, although my favourite by far is "Take a Bow" and if you can watch the video for that song and come away not thinking she is the world's coolest person, there is something very wrong with you. I'm hoping that she decides to be an actor at some point because she has so much charisma I bet she'd be hypnotic even if she wasn't any good. I'm also hoping that her boyfriend isn't knocking her about. Blech. I'm not into Chris Brown's music anyway. Gimme Ne-yo any day (so glad he won for "Miss Independent"! That song makes me happy.)

I hope someone on my flist is going to do a post talking about the "fashion" at the Grammys this year (*eyes fleegull and annavtree*). Because what the hell.


I just sent off my valentines. GO ME. It's good to be organised.
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