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NSFW art, Bones, Dawson's Creek, HIMYM, 30 Rock and Clois.

The very talented lizardspots made art inspired by my Merlin fic, No Magic Necessary. It is extremely pornographic so, you know, don't look at this at work unless your work really likes porn. I'm so happy! She captures the scene perfectly, and the title is genius:

I really didn't enjoy this episode, which is not good given that it was kind of an important one. It's just, I'm finding the Booth/Brennan dynamic boring and repetitive now - every week they remind us that they are basically in love with each other, but of course neither can admit it so nothing ever happens. And sadly they've dragged it out for so long that the UST simply isn't there anymore. The relationship is dramatically stagnant and I have lost all interest in seeing them get together! Which is clearly the opposite of what they're intending because they're trying *so hard* to keep the sexual tension alive. TOO hard.

Also, the ghost aspect of the story was insipidly whimsical and I found it off-putting. If things don't drastically improve I will be dropping this like a hot potato at the end of the season (along with Gossip Girl, which sucked so much last week I'm not even going to review it properly because I'm getting sick of bitching about this show. Needless to say I am back to hating everyone, even Chuck, who was both annoying and dull - seriously, GG, if you're going to lift the plot of a film pick something better than Eyes Wide fucking Shut. No points.)


Thanks to a conversation I had in butterfly's LJ I decided to download and watch the very last episode of Dawson's Creek. I was never a big fan of the show although I watched off and on throughout its run, and I totes shipped Joey/Pacey, so I was definitely curious to see how it ended.

I quite enjoyed it, in that I wasn't bored and it made me cry pretty much continuously. But I do think it was horribly manipulative - killing off one of the main characters just so the finale is moving? Not the most impressive storytelling. I would have preferred something much more understated, but then, understated was never Dawson's strong suit so I can't say I'm surprised.

The social commentary (AKA Jack's gay relationship trauma) was embarrassingly clumsy too, but the show gets props for doing it at all so that's not a particularly large complaint.

The best bits were the Joey and Pacey scenes - they are my favourite characters and I thought they were both awesome, and the chemistry between Holmes and Jackson was wonderfully warm and sexy. I'm so glad she chose the right guy in the end.


Is it just me or is season 2 of "How I Met Your Mother" much better than s1? It is killing me with its awesomeness. I even love Ted this season! He's funny! I guess his character just suits being in a relationship or something. I think "Slap Bet" might be the most genius episode I've seen yet. Homg. Porn - wait for it - OGRAPHY. (I need that on an icon.)


"Smallville" may suck at the moment, but "30 Rock" was so hysterically funny I nearly injured myself laughing. Oh Alec. ♥ ♥ ♥ I also found John Hamm extremely attractive, which is interesting because he doesn't do it for me (sexually) in "Mad Men". I am starting to wonder if it has something to do with Tina Fey? Because she has such amazing chemistry with all the men she plays opposite - I've enjoyed her relationships with Floyd, Peter Dinklage, John Hamm, and of course, Jack Donaghy. Go Tina!


duskwillow! This is the picture:



Right! I owe a million comments so I should get on to that right now.
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