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Fuck you, Smallville.

I will never watch the last two episodes of Smallville. I'm really upset by everything I've heard (and I can't quite believe DC allowed a lot of it) and my plan is to pretend it never happened. Mostly I'm pissed because I was actually looking forward to the return of Lana but now I can't even watch half of her episodes because all my worst fears have come to fruition and I'm not that much of a masochist.

She has Clark's powers? SERIOUSLY? How were they allowed to do that? And WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

Of all the shitty things that happened in this episode that's the one that bothers me most.

I'm not even going to get into the Clana - I don't agree that it means Lois will be Clark's second choice because when the Clois happens I know Clark will fall for her completely and utterly, but I DO agree that if they go there within the next few episodes it will make Clark look like a pathetic, fickle douchebag.



In happier news, I can't wait to watch 30 Rock!!!!
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