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A quandary.

I'm bored with my LJ banner, and think maybe I should go back to a more fannish themed one. What do you reckon? I might make it shippy for once, but I can't decide between Clark/Lois and Logan/Veronica.

Let's do a pros and cons list for both of them.

Clark/Lois pros:

-- It would be super hot.

Clark/Lois cons:

-- Smallville is kind of shitting all over this pairing right now.

Veronica/Logan pros:

-- They are the most perfect pairing ever.

Veronica/Logan cons:

-- I am basing this entirely on Season One and may change my mind once I see the rest of the show.

If you can think of any other pros or cons, or if you have any other suggestions, please share.
Tags: tv: smallville, tv: veronica mars
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