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Jex ficlet

I wrote this little ficlet last night for bop_radar . I was drunk and wearing my red Queen of the Fucking Universe teeshirt and earlier in the day I'd been more than a little inspired by the episode Sacred. I don't even really know if this makes much sense, but you know, it's Smallville, and making sense is just not a priority. *g* bop_radar  wants more, and her wish is my command.


"You set me up."

Lex laughs. "Are you surprised?"

Jason looks carefully at the man in front of him, blood on his face, intelligent eyes. Ruthless as all hell and yet... there's good there. Charisma dripping off him like ice melting. He wants to. He wants to *touch* him.

Lex takes one step closer and tilts his head. Looks up at Jason with a smirk and a twinkle. Reaches out and drags his thumb down over Jason's lips, lets it *slide* over his bottom lip. Gets his thumb *wet*.

"You and Lana are doomed." Little chuckle. "But you already know that."

Jason leans forward without meaning to, towards this strange man. Into the touch.

And Lex wraps his hand around the back of Jason's neck and stares at him and never stops looking amused.

It's hypnotic and freaky. Why is this happening? Why does he want Lex to kiss him, like, *right now*?

He wills it to happen and it does. Lex's mouth on his, Lex's tongue licking Jason's, Lex's body suddenly pressed against him and the feel of Lex's cock, so*hard*, is making Jason a little crazy.

Jason is kissing a *guy*. A weird, bald, untrustworthy freak of a guy, but it doesn't feel weird. It just feels hot. Jason just feels helpless. He wants to to get his hands on Lex's skin. He has a sneaking suspician that it'll be even softer and smoother than Lana's and he pulls Lex's shirt out of his pants and moans into Lex's mouth when his fngers make contact. *God*. Skin so silky, so completely hairless, it's not right.

Or maybe it is right.

Can't even imagine stopping him when Lex pulls back and looks down. Undoes the button on Jason's jeans and yanks at the zipper. Reaches in and takes Jason's cock in his hand. Starts stroking him, slow and expert.

"Very nice," Lex says appreciatively, as he rubs his thumb over the oh so sensitive head of his cock.

It would be so embarrassing if Jason came right now, but oh Jesus, it could really happen.

He leans back against the wall behind him and shuts his eyes. Lex's hand feels so damn good. And when Lex leans over a whispers in his ear, "I want to suck you, Jason," he groans.

Increasing pressure, quickening pace. "Tell me everything you know, and I'll do it." Lex jerking him off and asking for information, like it's the most normal thing in the world. Lex's voice so... sexy.

"I'll drop to my knees and suck your cock. Let you fuck my mouth."

"Oh God."

This is insanity. He can't give in to this man.

"Come on, Jason. Talk to me. Or don't you want to fuck my mouth?"


Lex's hand stops moving. "Uh uh, Jason. I'm not ready for you to come yet."

"Oh God, Lex. Please. Please don't stop."

Lex just smiles at him and doesn't move his hand.

Jason's breathing is loud and shallow. And the thought of putting his dick into Lex's mouth seems a lot more important than, well, pretty much everything else. It wouldn't be such a big deal if Lex knew what he knew. It doesn't mean he'll get to the stones first. God, he just wants Lex on his knees and if that's what it takes then that's what it takes.

So he tells Lex what he knows. And as he speaks, Lex starts stroking again. And when he's done speaking, Lex drops to his knees, just like he promised and swallows Jason's cock in one swift movement and it makes Jason cry out.

He looks down and the sight of Lex's head bobbing up and down is so obscene, so dirty, that Jason feels his eyes roll back and his body is on fire and the suction and warmth and wetness is too much. He can't hold back, can't hold it in, can't do anything other than let go of himself. And come. Come so hard he thinks his brain might explode or shut down completely. Come down Lex's welcoming throat and Lex swallows every drop. Oh fuck, fuck, *fuck*.

And when Lex pulls off, Jason slides down the wall and slumps onto the ground.

Oh Jesus, what has he done?


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