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Smallville, 8.12: Bulletproof; Veronica Mars, 1.20: M.A.D.

I liked Smallville a lot more than I thought I would, and although there were a few things that bothered me I am mostly okay with everything that happened, and here's why:


Never has Lana been so awesome, and I see that Kristin has picked up some fierce moves since making "Street Fighter" because that fight between Lana and Tess was by far the best (and sexiest) fight we've ever had on the show.

Tess is so gay. She might have been in love with Lex but she definitely wanted to nail Lana.


It was great seeing Clark not just save someone's life but save their soul as well. This episode really highlighted why Superman is better than Green Arrow - he wants justice as well, but he also believes in people and their ability to change.

Clark and Lois and Lana

Smallville was never going to bring Lana back for a guest spot without resurrecting the Clana, and as I suspected they are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They are handling the situation by having Clark still be clueless about Lois - even when Chloe told him point blank that Lois was falling for him, Clark couldn't quite believe it. He hasn't crossed that line in his head yet - I fully believe the feelings are there but because Clark is a big dunce when it comes to women he hasn't figured out that Lois is the love of his life yet. He's still convinced that Lana is the one for him, because he's Clark and eight years of pining after one girl isn't something a man like Clark can just move on from.

And I have to say, if I wasn't such a Clois shipper I would have enjoyed the Clana a lot - Lana is so relaxed and self assured and attractive now, I am not surprised Clark responded to her as he did. Lois is not there, Lana is, Clark is as lonely as ever and sick of not having any life whatsoever outside of saving the world, and Lana represents so much for Clark - hope being the most prevalent force. Clark *always* hoped things would work out between him and Lana and even when everything was stacked against them that hope never went away. It's still there.

With Lois it will work, and they will be happy, and their relationship will be beautiful and healthy. It will not work with Lana because it never did and it never can. And once he's said goodbye to Lana (FOR THE LAST TIME DAMMIT) then he can get around to figuring out his feelings and realising that the best thing that's ever happened to him is right before his eyes in the shape of a bossy, mouthy reporter.

And that's my two cents. Yes, I could have lived without the Clana, but I don't think this will ruin the Clois at all. :D

ETA. Oh, and please go join sv_char_love!

This community is designed to be a safe place for fans of all the characters on Smallville — which means no cute derogatory names, no wishing for character death... in short, no bashing. No community rules can require that members like every single one of the characters; the rules can, however, require that members remember that even the character they dislike the most is the favorite character of someone else out there.

In short, this is a place to celebrate what we love about the characters — in all their flawed, sometimes misguided, sometimes downright evil, glory.


Veronica Mars, 1.20: M.A.D.

Worst. Cliffhanger. Ever.

Don't get me wrong, I loved this episode a lot - during all the Logan/Veronica scenes I was breathless and squirmy and excited and dying of happiness and lust and whatnot, but then to find out that Logan was the one who had the roofies! *SOB* There's no way he was the rapist because he would never do that (RIGHT? No don't tell me) but you see, this is conflict I didn't need because I would watch a show that was just about Logan and Veronica flirting, making out, having sex, being in love and having a great relationship, and it would be my favourite show ever. That might be boring for other people but not me, no! As long as they are sharing the screen and being witty and acting like the only thing on their mind is fucking each other I would be a happy camper.

Of course, I knew a spanner would be thrown into the works by the end of the episode because couples aren't allowed to be that pleased with each other for any length of time in drama, but oh my god WOE. They are clearly completely smitten and they were going to do it on the couch but Logan's dad turned up and so then Logan was all "let's go on a date on a boat!" and Veronica was all, "YES PLEASE!" and it was awesome and romantic and perfect.

But I can't blame her for not showing up. Even though I felt awful for poor Logan being stood up. Poor, roofie-dealing Logan. OH SHIP. This is going to be a tough ride for me, isn't it.
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