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The OC!

Season 2 finale played yesterday, begging the question: what the hell am I supposed to do on Sunday afternoons now? No more OC, no Smallville, no nada. Perhaps I'll find myself a life.

But okay, why the hell did Marissa have to shoot Trey? That was so hilariously unnecessary and predictable I barely cared that it's the huge cliffhanger, meant to make me hold my breath for the next year. I mean, really, I can *wait* to find out what happens after that. Gee, I wonder. Will Marissa go to prison? Uh, no, she's one of the main characters. Will Marissa and Ryan have problems in their relationship because she killed his only brother? Uh, yes. Uh, neat. Something new and different for the OC next season then. Will Marissa struggle with the fact that she took a human life? *bangs head against wall* Great. More moping Marissa. Let's just hope her drinking problem resurfaces - she was a fun drunk!

Back to the shooting. Wowzers. She's a really good shot. I mean, it was pretty sunny and hard to see the tv at that point, but it looked like she nailed ol' Trey right through the heart. And he was all over Ry when she pulled the trigger. Pretty damn cocky of her if you ask me. What if she'd aimed wrong and killed her honey instead?! That's something Ryan needs to slap her over the head for next season. But still, I want to know why she didn't, you know, try something else first. Like hitting Trey over the head with the gun or something. She's already proven that her right hook is not to be messed with. Whatever. I guess if she'd just knocked him out we wouldn't be able to begin next season on the most depressing note ever.

At least Summer and Seth are in a good place, though there's something strangely inverted about that, what with Kirsten off at Rehab. Kirsten, who became an alcoholic, drinking vodka for breakfast and leaving evidence all over the place like a moron, in the space of, oh, I dunno, two months? Dear Gods of television, it takes a little bit longer to become a drunk than that. Trust me, I know. It takes years of dedicated boozing and building up of tolerance. And that old chestnut about it running in the family doesn't cut it. Goddamn it, if they'd shown Kirsten being a heavy drinker from the start of the show, *maybe* I'd have bought it. But her instant alcoholism is just an insult to the lush in me.

Happily, Julie and Jimmy are giving things another shot (welcome back, Tate Donovan!). I like those two together - they're sexy as hell and more evenly matched that Julie and Caleb. Who no one will miss. In fact, I'm not entirely sure why they killed him off - I can't think of any reason other than that he simply wasn't attractive enough, though it may become clearer next year.

I've heard rumours that Demi Moore has a part next season, possibly as Summer's mother or something. I guess this is meant to be exciting news, only, I *can't* *stand* Demi Moore. She is a charisma free, acting black hole who hasn't given a single performance in her embarrassing career that wasn't mostly dull and/or awful. I hope the rumours were false, I really surely do.
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