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TV, romance, loving Smallville characters

My weekend was kind of busy and I didn't get a chance to watch all my television. Which means that I have not seen "Smallville" yet (admittedly I was avoiding watching this out of fear, but I'm going to try and see it tonight), nor have I seen "Bones", nor have I seen any more "Veronica Mars", although I did spend most of my downtime thinking about nakey Logan Echols.

I did find time to watch "30 Rock" which was magnificent. Jack and Liz! ♥

And "Damages", which I thought was quite boring.

And "Lost"! God that show is confusing, but at least Jack shaved off his beard.


On zephyr9's recommendation I also saw the bittersweet romantic comedy, "Catch and Release" with Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant, and I absolutely loved it. This won't come as much of a surprise to anyone who knows me even a little bit but the thing I enjoy the most in any story is an emotionally (and physically) engaging romance. So not flowers and candy and empty declarations and that shit, but people falling in love with each other in a way that makes me *feel* it. Olyphant and Garner have this understated yet intense chemistry with each other and their courtship has the right blend of eroticism and emotion, so if you love clever, interesting romantic comedies as much as I do then I highly recommend this film.

I was thinking, my love of romance (and also, my preference for television over fanfic) is probably why I'm not much of a slasher - I really like to see it play out in front of me. I want kisses and sex and intentional UST and heartbreak that's canon. I want text, basically. My imagination is good and all, but for me nothing can compare to actually getting to SEE my characters get busy.



Would you guys be interested in a Smallville Character Love community?

If there is enough interest huzzlewhat is going to create this comm, so do let us know.

It's something I would like to see happen in SV fandom because all this negativity is harshing my buzz, man. And like, you don't have to love all the characters to be part of the comm - you just wouldn't be able to express your dislike of Lana or whoever there. And maybe, just maybe, other fans' love of a character you hate might get you to rethink your position? (A girl can dream.)
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