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Veronica Mars! Gossip Girl! Lie to Me!

Veronica Mars (AKA Kate's Fannish Heaven), 1.18: Weapons of Class Destruction and 1.19: Hot Dogs

OH MY GOD. I know that I said I loved this show yesterday and that was true and everything but it was also child's play. Now I think it would be fair to officially class me as dangerously obsessed. Because that first kiss between Logan and Veronica is now my number one favourite screen kiss of all time. Followed closely by their second kiss. Man, if and when they have sex my heart will probably burst out of my chest. Gross. Don't spoil me about that btw - I don't wish to know either way!

I'm going to quote myself from a comment I made to upnote last night so you get an idea of my instant reaction:

I just saw the kiss. I totally agree that it is the most amazing first kiss in the history of television. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT. The build up to it with Logan calling her to warn her about Duncan, then saving her from the gross FBI dude, then refusing to leave her alone with him, then making them leave the door open so he could hear if the gross FBI dude tried anything funny, then waiting for her and asking if she was okay in that really sexy way he has, and then, after all that Veronica just kisses him quickly on the lips. Like she literally couldn't resist it, like she could not stop herself, and then she was all, "WTAF?" and he was all, "um YES LET'S DO THIS." So he pulled her back towards him and they kissed properly. And for quite some time. And the expressions on their faces afterwards: shock and awe and fear and desire all mixed in together, and this enormous realisation that something HUGE just happened between them. God. IT WAS SO GOOD IT MADE ME CRY. Well, the first time it just made me kind of vibrate with lust, the second time the lust was still there but I was also really emotionally moved, weeping a bit, and I thought my heart was going to explode because it was that perfect. *sobs*

I forgot to mention that at the beginning of the episode when Logan was being funny in class and Veronica was laughing, and they kept making eye contact because they are drawn to each other and they can't help liking each other - I really loved that a lot.

It took me so long to get to sleep last night because I was on such a high. How have I lived without this show until now?

I know other stuff happened in these episodes, but I'm a bit wrapped up in my shippy paradise to remember much of it - I just know that my favourite stuff after the LoVe is Logan's family drama, which is fascinating. Hi Alyson Hannigan! Trina is horrific but it's hardly surprising given that their Dad is the worst. Although I did enjoy watching him beat the crap out of Trina's violent boyfriend, that was pretty awesome.


Gossip Girl, 2.16: You've Got Yale

Ha! I actually really enjoyed this episode! I went in expecting to hate it like I've been hating it for months now but it won me over very quickly, mostly because of Eric. His delivery of the line about his bedroom being above or below Lily and Rufus's and how they should remember that was sublime, and his opera lesson? PURE GENIUS. The funny was back in this episode after being absent for way too long, and it went a long way towards restoring my faith that this show doesn't have to be sucky.

Other things I loved:

1. Lily and Chuck's burgeoning love for one another.
2. Nate and Vanessa's relationship, which is both adorable and sexy.
3. That the opera is the social event of the month, LOL.
4. I'm sad that the Uncle Jack story is over now, and that he turned out to be such a one dimensional villain, but I thought the attempted rape scene was quite exciting. That makes me sound bad, doesn't it. Let me explain: I was genuinely terrified that he was going to rape her, so very much on the edge of my seat, and extremely relieved and pleased that Chuck saved her. The music was very effective in that scene as well, and while it beggars belief that Lily would be all, YAY LIFE GOES ON immediately afterwards I'm glad she's okay, and I'm even more glad Gossip Girl wasn't boring for once.
5. Lily and Rufus are finally together and they didn't break up once during the whole episode! I am loving that. I love that they can't keep their hands off each other and that they can't stop making out in public (hot).
6. The new teacher's chemistry with Dan. It is totally about time he had an affair with someone who could go to prison because of it.

Things I disliked:

Blair. :( She needs to stop being such a brat because I'm running out of sympathy for her (although the scheming on the bed with her minions was pretty classic).


Lie To Me, 1.01: Pilot

Not bad? I am not as taken with it as I thought I might be, but the premise is pretty damn cool, the script is quite witty, and I do love Eli (the radical honesty guy) enough to give it another shot. Not sure if I like any of the other characters yet - and in a way I feel like Hugh Laurie has ruined the procedural format for all other male leads, because no one can compete with him in the funny/charming/cool/damaged genius department. That said, I have met Tim Roth and I have photographic evidence.
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