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Don't hate me, Becky.

I'm having a fannish orgasm at the moment - I have fallen so hard for Veronica Mars, both the show and the character, and Logan/Veronica, omg, are the most mind blowing pairing ever and I fantasise about them constantly. I love Logan so much it hurts - I can barely even think about him without wanting to cry, because he's so tragic and even though he's a 'bad boy' he's got a moral code I can get on board with, and he's fascinating and complex, and every time he and Veronica are near each other I go a little bit mental because their chemistry is off the scale, and I adore the dynamic between them, and he just makes the show better by his very presence - I miss him horribly when he's not in it because it's never *quite* as awesome, and when he IS in it I tend to gasp a lot and clutch things and I totally have a lump in my throat as I write this because I love him so hard. And then there's Veronica who is my personal hero because she is brilliant and adorable and brave and smarter than everyone else and Kristin Bell is amazing and. I love this show. It is my happy place. I just watched episode 17 which means I'm nearly done with season one and that is terrifying to me because I'm still torn over whether I will watch the other two seasons because I know they are meant to be sucktastic, but like, I don't know if I can say goodbye to these characters after only one season, especially if I want to write LoVe fic (which I absolutely do) because knowing canon is important, you know? Ack.


So my TV character crush list currently goes like this:


1. Clark Kent
As ever, Clark tops my list, because he is the ultimate hero and he's also hotter than everyone else on television put together.

2. Logan Echols
Did I mention that I am completely infatuated with him? I think I did but I maybe didn't mention that I find him insanely attractive.

3. Jack Donaghy
Because he is the funniest character on television and he's still utterly gorgeous at fifty.

4. Matt Saracen
Of all the wonderful characters on Friday Night Lights Matt is the one I am the most in love with at the moment.

5. Arthur
Between Arthur and Merlin I find Arthur marginally more attractive - there's just something so deliciously porny about him - which maybe I only think because I wrote a lot of porn about him not long ago, but whatever, he does it for me.

Other contenders: Vincent Chase, Ari Gold, Tim Riggins, Coach Taylor, Nate Archibald, Michael Scofield, Greg House, Andy Botwin, Seeley Booth, Alex Mahone


1. Lois Lane
Possibly my favourite ever female character. She's tough, smart, driven, loyal, vulnerable, funny, painfully beautiful, and she has an incredible body. GUH.

2. Veronica Mars
Did I mention that I love Veronica? Yes? Well it's worth repeating anyway. I LOVE HER. ♥

3. Liz Lemon
Never has a big nerd been so fucking cool and sexy. I would totally marry her.

4. Tess Mercer
We haven't seen nearly enough of her but the thing about Tess is that I find her so physically attractive she could be talking in Swahili and I would still be a little bit in love with her.

5. Morgana
She is strong-willed, fiercely principled and ferociously hot. Want.

ETA. 6. BUFFY. I forgot to include her but she is the best. Obviously.

Other contenders: Six, Tami Taylor, Vanessa Abrams, Blair Waldorf, Lyla Garrity, Betty Draper, Joan Holloway, Rose Baker, Sara Tancredi, Debra Morgan, Nancy Botwin, Temperence Brennan

Tell me who's currently on your list!
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