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Smallville, 8.11: Legion

Smallville sucks without Lois. I mean, it wasn't a bad episode and there were things I really enjoyed (Clark!!!!! <3) but it lacked the fun, the romance and the sexy that Lois brings to the table, and while Clark was suitably heroic I missed the lightness he has about him whenever Lois is in the room. Blah.

I hate that Chloe got her memory of his secret back because why the fuck did they take it away from her at all then? Talk about the writers not having the courage of their convictions - they make Clark look bad and for absolutely no reason. I don't get it. What was the fucking point?

I also hated the line about Chloe possibly changing her name, because anything that gives the crazyass Chloisers a reason to think they're right is a reason to edit out the line. And really, let's face it, it almost certainly doesn't mean anything anyway. They're unlikely to kill Chloe off because she's too beloved, and they've already got a perfect Lois, so I almost get the impression that the line was a dig at Chloisers, which is just plain mean.

The head Legion dude was gorgeous, Clark looked fantastic and was fantastic, I'm glad Lana has her own destiny separate from her relationship with Clark, and I'm also glad that she was all, "Destiny shmestiny - we create our own destiny every day" because that's sensible. And AM's Brainiac was just bizarre - nothing like the Brainiac we have always known; I don't know who to blame because I'm sure if Allison had been directed to draw from James's interpretation of the character she could have done a fine job, so I guess no one involved remembered that Brainiac is an established SV character.

All in all, I was underwhelmed.


Season 3 of Friday Night Lights is the best thing on TV so please please please watch it on NBC (it starts Friday 23 January) because it needs the viewers. If they cancel it and you didn't watch it I will never forgive you. I'm not kidding.
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