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Loving Bradley James, FNL, Logan, Oliphant and dwarves

I admit it, I spent a bit of time last night watching Bradley and Colin youtube clips. I had no idea Colin Morgan was Irish (despite the clue in his name). Surprisingly I have developed rather a large crush on Bradley James. He's not even my type! I blame his torso. And his gorgeously posh accent. And his hair. Oh, and his teeth. And his sense of humour. ♥


Friday Night Lights is killing me with its awesomeness this season. This is controversial but I think I might love season 3 even more than season 1.


I find Logan Echols very attractive even though he's funny looking. (I'm up to episode 11 or 12 now and omg. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO HARD.)


Episode 1 of S2 of Damages was good! William Hurt and Timothy Oliphant are very welcome additions to the cast (especially Timothy because he's fucking hot), and I'm delighted to see the return of Zeljko Ivanek as a ghost.


30 Rock. How is Peter Dinklage so hot? I've always been prejudiced against dwarves but clearly that was wrong of me. Thanks, Peter, for showing me the error of my ways.
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