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Gossip Girl, 2.14: In The Realm of the Basses

I keep meaning to tell you all about Gabe from Videogum's Gossip Girl recaps because they are the funniest thing on the internet. He makes me cry with laughter every time and for some reason I find his utter contempt for the show and the characters totally wonderful instead of a bummer, probably because he is always right:

First things first: Aaron Rose is gone! Wait, isn't he Blair's stepbrother now? Shhhh! Don't spoil the Christmas Miracle with all of your pertinent questions. Gone. Serena broke up with him on the plane to Buenos Aires, which is classic Serena. Aaron was probably keeping her from shining the way God intended, like by suggesting that everyone had the same set of airplane safety instructions. "But where is my golden flotation device and my diamond signal flare?"

LOL. I want to marry him.

My own quick thoughts on the episode:

1. Finally I understand why they've had Dan and Serena get back together - it's so they can break them up all over again because now that they have a sibling in common they are practically brother and sister. Man, someone needs to explain to Gossip Girl how incest actually works, because THAT'S NOT IT. No points.

2. I'm so glad Chuck's Burlesque club is back because I missed it.

3. Rufus might be a total douchebag and a shitty father but sometimes when he looks at Lily his eyes are filled with so much longing it makes my heart beat faster.

4. I actually found Jenny funny in that last scene when she was all, incredulously, "So nothing has changed?" She was amused as opposed to "I AM A VICTIM" and that made her infitinely more appealing to me: a Jenny who can laugh at herself and at the ridiculous situations she finds herself in is a Jenny I can get on board with.

5. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick both rule but Blair/Chuck is still boring as shit to me. Why can't this show stop shipping so crazily and start telling me stories that are actually interesting? WHY?

6. All hail Desmond Harrington. I love him in Dexter and I love him in Gossip Girl. My only complaint is that we didn't get to SEE Uncle Jack comfort Blair with his penis. HOTTTTTT. What a brilliant replacement for Bart Bass, although I find it disturbing that the actor is, like, a month younger than me. Does that mean I could be Chuck's aunt?
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