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Wow, Season 4

Wow, Krypto sucked. I don't even want to talk about it. Though Clark is very cute with the dog.

Wow, Sacred sucked. And I do want to talk about it.

Wow, the evil Lana Isobel Witchypoo story arc is stoopid. And frekking boring. Like any of us give a crap or want to see KK attempting to be sinister, despite her whispy little voice and inability to pronounce Latin in anything approaching a convincing way. Like we really need to see her flying through the air in slo mo Crouching Tiger style, because OH MY GOD that was embarrassing. Please, SV, *please* stop that right now. No more paying homage to good, very famous movies for you! You absolute fucktards.

Wow, all those scenes with Jason and Lex together made me horny. 'Specially when they was all chained up and bloody. And I am ON BOARD with those two making out and it confused me when they didn't. It's like, *dudes*, you are obviously *very* attracted to each other. Don't hold back on my account.

Tags: tv: smallville
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