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The sublime and the ridiculous

ETA: Instarec!

Unexpected Peril, by lastnightblues

Early Clex, *unbelievably* hot, and very well written. GUH.


Do you work with stupid people? Because I do and I'm so mad right now I just sent an extremely rude email to someone in another department because they fucked up royally and I can guarantee they won't take responsibility for it. When I make a mistake I own up to it and I think that's the correct way to be. This fuckwit will probably be all, "BUT YOU DIDN'T EXPLAIN IT PROPERLY, IT'S YOUR FAULT." *stabs* Learn to ask questions when you're confused, you utter, utter moron.

The Dark Knight

For the first hour and a half I was entertained, and enjoying "The Dark Knight" far more than I had its predecessor. It's fast paced, and I particularly liked Heath Ledger’s dynamic performance as the Joker, but the film is a good hour too long, and by the end I had completely lost interest (Kirsty and I had both taken to playing with the cat instead of paying attention).

Sorry, The World, I feel vindicated. Christopher Nolan is as shitty a director as I’ve always maintained and while the film would have worked better in the cinema, nothing could have made it resonate emotionally, nor would that last hour have been even remotely suspenseful. The entire enterprise felt hollow, unnecessarily convoluted, and annoyingly long, and I roll my eyes at the claim that Nolan is a talented craftsman. His action scenes are choppy and confusing, his drama lacks emotional truth, and his visual sensibility is verging on ordinary.

I was pleased that so much time was spent developing Harvey Dent as a character, but the tragedy of his transformation into Twoface was lost in the mess; it should have been a scene rife with tension, it should have been upsetting, horrifying, even scary. Instead I just marvelled over the awesome makeup job.

In conclusion: Totally. Utterly. Overrated.



Now this is more like it. A staggeringly good film that’s as intelligent as it is entertaining, with two central performances that are nothing short of exceptional. They will probably both get nominated for an Oscar but will split the vote so neither will win, although I am happy for it to go to Heath, for purely sentimental reasons.


Veronica Mars

This show is so good I want to cry. I am four episodes in and already it’s the only thing I want to do with my time. I love every single character, I love how smart and witty and quirky it is, and I finally understand the hype surrounding Kristen Bell – I really like her cheeky Gossip Girl voiceover, but you don’t fully appreciate her charm until you see her in action. I am looking forward to reading some VM fic once I’ve gotten through season one – what are the most popular pairings in the fandom? I am guessing Veronica/Logan?
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