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Happy New Year!

I feel ropey. We had a party at our house and I snogged a guy called Nicholas at midnight, and then again much later. He told Sharan that he thinks I am too smart for him, which is probably true, but I really don't care because he is a good kisser and hot and he has a lovely voice and he rides a motorbike and he promised to take me for a ride and I have never been on a motorbike but I've always wanted to and I've also always needed an excuse to buy some leather pants. The last people left the party at 7.30am and I am never drinking again (although I might have to because there's so much booze left and I wouldn't want it to be wasted).


What does Arthur wear to bed? I was thinking like a nightshirt and some drawstring pants, but is that right? And if so, what would the pants be called? (Currently I am calling them bloomers but only because it makes me laugh).
Tags: real life, tv: merlin, writing
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