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Say no to cosmetic surgery.

I still can't get over Will Smith being a Scientologist. I loved him for years dammit. And now he just makes me frown and feel slightly ill. :(


OMG YAYYYYYYY! I can't wait.


I really hate all the bad cosmetic surgery in celebrity culture and I just want to scream at these actors who feel the need to fuck up their faces, because they do not look better, and, you know, they're actors. They need to be able to move the muscles in their face! They need to be able to play characters who have not had a bucket load of plastic surgery, like, uh, *the majority of characters*. I understand as well as anyone over the age of thirty that getting older isn't easy, but I don't know who the hell decided that wrinkles are unattractive, because they're just actually not okay. Wrinkles tell a story, they make a face more interesting, they're a necessary (and A-OK) part of the ageing process. Wrinkles are life.

But I think what most annoys me about stretched out, wrinkle-less faces on middle-aged women (men too, but that's less of an issue in Hollywood) is that these people *don't actually look younger*. They look exactly the age they are, but without wrinkles. And that's just weird! I personally find it unpleasant looking at people who have had obvious work done, and it's especially disheartening when they are people I once found attractive (a prime example would be Christa Miller from Scrubs. WHY CHRISTA WHY?).

It's not that I blame any individual for going down the plastic surgery route, because it's such a competitive business and I know older women struggle to find good parts so they think they need to look eternally youthful. I just really wish it weren't like this.

I will leave you with a quote by Stephanie Zacharek, from her lovely piece about Paul Newman after his death:

If the point of Method acting is for a performer to take something of himself and pour it into a performance, then perhaps Bob Dylan inadvertently hit on one of the secrets of the Method, as well as life, when he wrote the line -- itself borrowed from deep-rooted Judao-Christian values -- "He not busy being born is busy dying." Come to think of it, maybe that's a beauty secret, too. One of the frustrating things about the growing prevalence of cosmetic surgery is that it deprives actors of the faces they were meant to have. Newman, while admittedly in possession of great genes, accepted every physical change and put it to work. In giving us their faces to read, actors give us many things. Newman's face, year after year, has given so many of us countless hours of pleasure. It also tells us that in his work, and probably in his life, he was busy being born, until the very last.
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