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Poor Charlie.

I got your card, dontyouwaitup! You are very funny and awesome. Thanks darlin. ♥


I was reading this Alec Baldwin interview and wanted to quickly talk about this question:

Durham, N.C.: Alec, I am a huge fan of "30 Rock." Best show on television. And you probably get this questions all the time, but do you think Jack and Liz will hook up?

Alec Baldwin: I sincerely doubt it, and I think the show is better off that way. Once they cross that line, all the tension goes out of those relationships. And I think the lesson we learned about both those characters is that they are married to their jobs and they are married to their work.

*HEARTS* What I love about Alec's answer is that it proves that he and Tina are well aware that they have the most awesomely electric sexual chemistry and that they don't want to mess with that. Because I am totally fine with them never hooking up on the show because their relationship is perfect the way it is. Okay I'd like them to hook up in the last ever episode or something, although I would prefer there to never be a last ever episode. It should go on forever or until we all die.


Charlie's feud with the neighbour cat continues. I actually really need to make a movie of them fighting through the kitchen door because it's quite incredible to watch, especially when they try to attack each other. See the problem is, this other cat thinks he is in charge of our balcony and he'll often sit on the ledge separating our place and the neighbour's place, guarding the balcony, and just watching Charlie, who can't do anything other than stare back at him, growling. When I do let Charlie out, they usually end up scrapping, and now Charlie is a bit terrified of going outside because the other cat is bigger and more arrogant than him. I have this beautiful dream that they will one day become the best of friends, but when I suggested this to Kirsty she was all, "Yes! And then after that, world peace." Which wasn't a very nice thing to say.
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