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Okay, now that I'm a little calmer...

There's tons of stuff I want to talk about! In list form:

1. I loved Alex's gorgeous curly hair tonight. GUH. She looked beautiful, although the gold dress was very, very wrong.

2. The Beyonce duet was fantastic. That song ("Listen") is dreadful IMO (but then, I think all the music from Dreamgirls is dreadful) but Alex sang it brilliantly, and when they were together on stage it was like we were witnessing something truly special - that rousing bit at the end of the movie when our heroine's dream comes true. Wonderful.

3. Beyonce's performance of "If I Were A Boy" was awesome as well - her vocals weren't perfect but it didn't particularly matter because she's such a class act.

4. Boyzone, OTOH, are the lamest ever. I cried with laughter when they turned up on stage, but they were about a perfect fit for the munchkin.

5. Sorry, but JLS just aren't that good. They didn't deserve to win (heck, they didn't really deserve to be in the final. Give me Austin or Diana any day) and I'm very relieved they didn't. I thought they totally butchered "Hallelujah", which is a beautiful song that needs an exceptional vocal and the problem with JLS has always been that the lead singer's voice is mediocre. They are lovely, gorgeous guys, and every woman I know crushes on at least one of them, but you'll never see me buying their albums.

6. Can I just say how delighted I am that they didn't specially write a shitty I'm A Winner ballad for the final this year? Seriously. Have any of those songs ever been any good? No they have not. "Hallelujah" is such a brilliant choice and with Alex singing it so staggeringly well, it actually *deserves* to be the Christmas number one.

7. I honestly think Alex could become world famous. She's that good.


8. Louis is the most annoying judge ever! SHUT UP LOUIS. Simon and Cheryl are totally the cutest BFFs and I love them both. When Cheryl cries, I cry. When Cheryl smiles, I SMILE. She's so pretty it hurts my brain.

9. ALEXANDRA FTMFW. When lovely Dermot read out her name I jumped off the couch and screamed! I totally did that! I think the neighbours probably heard me! Although they might not have because they were most likely screaming with joy themselves. Unless they are morons and were hoping for JLS to win? WHO CARES!

10. Since her first audition I have been championing this girl - I am SO happy she won. She got better and better every week, she was in a league of her own, and no one deserved it more. *\o/*


Hmph. You may not be able to see these if you're not in the UK, but I will come back with youtube links etc the moment they're up, don't worry!
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