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Gossip Girl, 2.13: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Another classic episode title.

Dan and Serena

It's never going to end you guys. Never. Now that Lily and Rufus's chance for love has been ripped away from them again (shock!) and Dan has decided that he wants Serena back, it's only a matter of time before Serena thoughtlessly stomps all over Aaron's poor widdle heart and goes back to Dan, temporarily of course, and we, the suckers who watch this show, are subjected to several more seasons of the most boring relationship in the history of television. Mark my words.

Aaron is the most ginormous loser ever though, and Serena is a fucking moron. All three of them should run away together and live in a tree house where there are no film cameras.

Cyrus and Eleanor and Jenny

Aw. Jenny is trying to make amends! This will last one week.

The wedding was cool though and I am very delighted that Cyrus loves Blair (*sob*) and that Blair's new dad is someone so completely brilliant.

Blair and Chuck

They both broke my heart this week. I adored all of the OTT drunk, mourning, enraged Chuck scenes, but mostly I love that he decided not to fuck Lily over in the end and that he took her advice and turned to the person who loves him most. Don't get me wrong, I don't ship them, but when Blair told him she loved him I burst into tears. Good stuff.

Lily and Rufus


If you didn't see that ending coming for a gazillion years then you have never watched a soap opera before. I found the build up to the big reveal so tedious because what the fuck else could it have been? Of course they have a kid together! (*pleaseletitbeserenapleaseletitbeserena*) It can't be an abortion right? Because women who have abortions don't generally find out the sex of the fetus (and also, that's a shitty reason for Rufus to never want to be with Lily), so let's presume she put the kid up for adoption. And the great thing about that is we will get to meet them soon, and they will most likely be a sociopathic asshole! Because this is Gossip Girl! *glee*
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