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Gossip Girl, 2.12: It's A Wonderful Lie

That was a lot better than the godawful Thanksgiving episode, although on closer inspection, about as nonsensical. Let's review!

Blair and Chuck

STOP IT. They are so fucking boring together it's actually starting to annoy me. They are the two best characters on the show and yet the boner the creative team have for them as a couple means neither of them ever get to do anything interesting (and this includes Blair's willingness to sell a human being, which is less 'interesting', more 'deeply offensive'). Yeah, we get that they are perfect for each other (whatever) and that no one else compares, and we get that they simply cannot be together because of their, uh, fear of commitment? No wait, I think it's because they like to play games with each other? Fine. WE GET IT. So why why WHY do you keep TELLING US THIS EVERY SINGLE WEEK. That is not good drama, that is not good writing. That is what some of us like to call having absolutely no imagination. No points.

I'm hoping now that Bart is dead (WOO HOO!) we will get less of Chuck whispering snidely into Blair's ear about how well they know each other and more of him being an absolute bastard to everyone but falling apart on the inside. Chuck's inner pain is what I signed on for and we are not getting nearly enough of it. I want Chuck to suffer so hard that Nate has to step up and comfort him with blowjobs.

Dan, Serena, Aaron and Lexi

Okay, the show gets some points for giving us a female character who sleeps with guys on the first date without labelling her a slut - I also liked that Blair was all, "So?" about that fact, and that the general attitude of the show appears to be: Female Sexuality YAY! That really does please me, yes.

HOWEVER. Dan and Serena's specialness as a couple has always eluded me, and they're angstful conversations about whether or not they should ever have sex again because the sex they had was so awesome was just a world of no.

Jenny, Vanessa, Nate and the Worst Revenge Plan Of All Time

Jenny is an evil little troll. I am starting to think she has no redeeming features whatsoever, and I'm really glad that Nate finally saw her mean, selfish side and that it made him stop liking her.

Can I just talk about how much I love Vanessa? Firstly, I love that she felt awful about what she'd done, and I love that she did the right thing by owning up to it, and I love that she took full responsibility. I love that despite the fact that she's never felt like this before she was willing to walk away from Nate because what she did was so unforgivable. (Jessica Szohr nailed that scene too - I was nearly in tears during her confession to Nate and her subsequent public humiliation.) Also, I love Nate for recognising that Vanessa is a good person who made a mistake, and for forgiving her instantly. They are both awesome.

Secondly, because Jenny and the Blairbots' plan was so fucking dumb, I love that Vanessa looked utterly, utterly beautiful in that gorgeous see-through dress with the spotlight on her. She was so spectacular, so extraordinary, I actually found it completely absurd that anyone would laugh at her. Check out the unbelievable hotness that is Vanessa:

Basically, my opinion of everyone in fandom who hates Vanessa is extremely low. Seriously. If you have a problem with her then you're probably an asshole. (This is not aimed at anyone on my flist who might dislike her, btw. It's more of a general Fuck You to all the people who've chosen Vanessa as their Female Character It's Okay To Bash For No Good Reason in GG fandom.)

Rufus and Lily

I'm not really feeling the sexual tension between these two anymore, but I'll keep waiting for it to return because I shipped them so hard in S1. Oh well. Now that Bart is -- hopefully -- dead (WOO HOO!) Lily can use Rufus for lots of hot grief/guilt fucking.
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