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ipods rule!

I bought my first ipod on Friday and I'm having a passionate love affair with it. I'm not sure how I lived so long without one but never mind. I'm thinking that I might now get into podcasts, but I'm not sure how to find the good stuff, so if you can recommend me anything you think I might like please do so!


Vid recs

I don't watch many vids but last night I saw two of my favourites ever:

Revelation, by theclexfactor (or go here for a streamed version)

It's possible that I may not have made this very clear yet but if you're not watching this season of Smallville you are missing out so hard. It is amazing. Clark and Lois are falling in love with each other and it's very, very sexy and full of humour and angst, and Tom and Erica just look so freaking gorgeous this year it's practically impossible to watch the show without dissolving into a puddle of lust. This vid captures the wonder that is S8 Clois, and the song is perfect: Leona Lewis's heartwrenching cover of Snow Patrol's "Run". Even if you're not a SV fan, go watch this lovely vid.

This has been rec'd a lot already but that's because it is genius:

I Kissed A Girl, by bop_radar.

A lame song made funny and sexy by a very talented vidder. Boppy totally understands what makes Clark so attractive: his lack of ego despite his remarkable good looks, his shyness, his sweetness, and his smile when he's aroused. GUH. As you can imagine, there is a lot of awesome Clark kissage in this vid, which obviously makes it essential viewing.


I was going to do that cool Flickr mosaic meme but it all went wrong so I will just leave you with two very delicious Tom Welling photos instead:

Right! Now to finish my undermistletoe porn fic and send it off for betaing. \o/

ETA: Hey, I'm going to send some more fics to my new-to-fanfiction friend, Christine, and I'd like some advice. I'd like to send her the best Wincest fic, the best John/Rodney fic, and a bunch more SV fics (because I am biased). Suggestions?
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