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Do not trust the judgement of a drunk.

So last night I did this dumbass thing whilst drunk. See, I was out with Kirsty, Lois (who introduced herself to us as Superman's girlfriend, lol), Sharan and Christine, who works in another department here. I don't know her that well but I do really like her, and we had this little bonding moment early in the evening when she came by my office to pick me up, and spotted the Tom Welling picture I have tacked up on my wall. Turns out, she's a huge Smallville fan, she *downloads* it because she loves it so much (although she's still a few eps behind), she agrees with me that Tom Welling is the hottest man on the planet and that Clark is looking foxier this year than ever before, she loves Clark and Lois, and she finds Lex sexy. Amazing!

Later in the evening after much drinking I discovered more. She not only loves Smallville, she loves Supernatural and SGA, Buffy and Star Trek, and probably every other big fandomy show ever made. She didn't know what fanfiction was but she liked the sound of it, and was more than open to the idea of Wincest, and people, she is clearly a fangirl. I was all, "You have to read some fanfiction. I'm going to send you my latest story!"

Which I did the moment I got home. Except that I also thought it would be an awesome idea to send her a link to my livejournal.

This morning, when I remembered what I'd done I had a mini panic attack. HOLY SHIT I JUST GAVE SOMEONE I BARELY KNOW WHO WORKS AT THE SAME PLACE AS ME ACCESS TO MY LIVEJOURNAL. That's, like, three and a half years of me doing nothing but talk about television and porn, and omg WHAT WAS I THINKING.

When she walked in to our office this morning to say hi I was an anxious, shaky, hungover mess, and she goes to me: "You know what, Kate? I think I gave you the wrong email address."


So I sent her the story as an attachment instead because I'm still on a mission to convert her to fanfiction, and whoever that other Christine person is that I sent last night's email to, she got a nice, weird surprise this morning.



I saw "Teeth" the other day and I can't get it out of my head. Not a perfect film but seriously amazing (and strangely cathartic). You should ALL see it.


It is really cool to be fannishly obsessed with something again, to the point where all I want to do is write fanfiction. All me and Melissa do at the moment is talk about Clark and Lois and how perfect they are, both separately and together. Ack. I love them so much it hurts. Apparently I am now in het fandom you guys. The only character I remotely feel like slashing these days is Chuck from Gossip Girl (of course. I mean, who wouldn't?), but otherwise I'm all about boys and girls having non-subversive, heterosexual sex. From Jack and Liz, to Booth and Brennan, to House and Cuddy, to my beloved Clois, what the hell is going on?

PS. Clex fans, don't fret. I will always adore them.
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