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Smallville, 8.10: Bride

I owe comments I know, but first I have to talk briefly about Smallville.

If you haven't already, please go and read radioreverie's utterly beautiful meta on Bride, because she says everything I want to say about the episode but a million times more eloquently than I ever could.

This was all about the Clois for me, and as far as I'm concerned it was perfection.

Their first scene together was intensely romantic: Clark looks her up and down, blatantly, *more* than appreciatively: it's not just that he likes what he sees, it's that he can't stop himself from drinking in the sight of her, because he finds her so attractive. They gaze at each other for an endless moment, then Clark asks Lois for help with his cuff links.

She demonstrates -- and the way Clark is hungrily looking at her as she does it is unbearably hot -- then says the most outrageously sexual line: "You just have to make sure this part sticks up straight and then it slides right in." And it isn't played for laughs this time - it's completely and unashamedly erotic. When she realises how suggestive the line is, she looks up at Clark shyly, and do you know what? He heard her loud and clear and for once he's not embarrassed. He's *aroused*. Because Clark is as in love with her as she is with him, and part of being in love means wanting to fuck each others' brains out (something that always felt missing from the Clark/Lana dynamic, at least from his side). That moment was so sexy, so adult, so deeply, heart-stoppingly romantic, that I can't even think about it without getting a lump in my throat, and the nine or ten times I've rewatched it doesn't change the way I feel about it.

Then, when he reads Jimmy's vows and Lois spins around, Clark realises straight away that Lois, for a moment there, thought he was talking to her. And he kind of was. Because he doesn't look regretful (like he might have had it been Chloe), he looks like a man who doesn't quite know what to do with his feelings; he looks like a man who knows he's standing opposite the most important person in his life, the one person he cannot live without, and it's only a matter of time before...

Well, it happened at the wedding. I knew the kiss would be interrupted because it's too early in the season for that to happen, but the build up to it was so deliciously slow, so steeped in mutual desire, so fucking *grown up*, I just. I MIGHT EXPLODE. This is officially my favourite season ever.

A few final words:

Hello Lana! God I missed you, and GOD do you look sensational. ♥ ♥ ♥

Finally, Chloe is so much more awesome now that she's free of Clark's secret - I'm adoring her at the moment.
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