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Gossip Girl, 2.11: The Magnificent Archibalds + Entourage and Kal Penn

The best thing about Entourage this week was Turtle. ♥ I adored his line: "I've been told I lift the spirits of everyone around me, since I was yay big," because it's both a great line and completely true - he's such a likeable, warm character; the kind of person you just want to spend time with because everything is better when he's around.


I have the most enormous crush on Kal Penn (and have done since I saw the first Harold and Kumar film). He might be my favourite thing about House at the moment.


Gossip Girl was ghastly. Probably the worst episode ever. I was actually really embarrassed through most of it because it felt like I was watching a day time soap opera, not a sassy, sexy, teen melodrama (it is normally better than that, right? I'm not, like, imagining that GG can often be top quality entertainment, am I?).

Let's list some of the things that sucked about it, and please feel free to add anything I've forgotten to the list:

1. All the fathers on this show.

2. I've forgotten why Nate is mad at Chuck? I *think* he's mad at him for being himself, even though Nate has never had a problem with Chuck being himself until recently. The way it seems to me is that Nate, for no good reason, just started being a dick to Chuck. So when they "made up" at the end it was boring, because their "falling out" was more confusing than dramatic.

3. All the happy endings. Given that every single plot strand in this episode was stupid, the resolution of each of them fell flat for me. Lily realising that Bart is a fucking prick? NO SHIT, LILS. I mean, I'm glad she walked out and I hope it's for good, but I felt oddly deflated when she turned up on Rufus's doorstep for Thanksgiving. I guess because their scenes no longer have the sexy, romantic sizzle they used to have and I'm pissed about that.

4. I hate Aaron so much. He's so repellent to me he's making me quite like Dan, because next to Aaron, Dan looks awesome.

5. Why does Blair still have a problem with Cyrus? They were buddies by the end of the last episode! Blair is funny, and I loved the advice she gave to Serena (who seems to be getting thicker by the week), but her histrionics this week were absurdly contrived.

6. Clearly the show has decided to, again, humiliate Vanessa by having her be in love with a man who loves someone else. This bothers me enormously and I currently hate GG for not treating this character with more respect.

7. Jenny does not deserve forgiveness, or for anyone to like her, or Nate. I said this last week and I'll say it again: MILITARY SCHOOL.
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