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The good and the bad.

Recent things that have made me happy:

1. "30 Rock", Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jack and Liz and how they are BFFs who TOTALLY WANT TO SHAG EACH OTHER.

2. CLOIS. <3 <3 <3

3. Abyss (I'm sorry but I liked it! And I liked what Clark did! And I like Chloe again, finally!!!)

4. "Ghost Town". It was funny AND moving: my favourite combination. Any film with this much heart is a winner, afaic.

5. "Friday Night Lights". Oh my God I love this season. ♥ ♥ ♥

6. Fish finger sandwiches. The easiest thing ever to make and always delicious. Always.

7. Charlie! I need to picspam him again, because he's the best cat of all time. He went outside for the first time on Friday and I was so proud of him. Within five minutes the ginormous neighbourhood cat, who has been feuding with Charlie through our (glass) kitchen door, turns up on the balcony and Charlie instantly pounds towards him and jumps on his head. The enemy cat looked *so surprised* it was genius. Clearly he was not expecting Charlie to ever actually be let loose on him. Then he slunk off, defeated and embarrassed. \o/

8. Alexandra's performance on Saturday's X Factor.

9. Leona Lewis's cover of Snow Patrol's "Run".

Recent things that have annoyed me:

1. This post. A WORLD OF NO. (ETA. Screening the comments every time you're not around to answer them is rampantly stupid and does not make you look like less of a dick, fyi.)

2. Louis Walsh. Get the fuck off my television. I used to like you but now I really don't. Also, when you say to Eoghan (every fucking week) that he'll be in the final, and then you say the same thing to Diana, the whole world is thinking, "And what about JLS, asshat? You know, *the group you mentor*?"

3. Eoghan Quigg. *stabs*
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