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Peanut butter and heroin.

When I was three years old I asked my mother if I could have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch because lots of the other kids at kindergarten had them so I figured they must be delicious. My mother agreed (despite not being a fan of peanut butter herself) and I took them with me to kindy, very excited. I took one bite and was utterly appalled. WHAT IS THIS HIDEOUS GLUE? I thought, completely traumatised. I decided then and there that peanut butter was the single worst foodstuff in the entire world (next to mushrooms) and that I would avoid it for the rest of my life. Fast forward 30 odd years and I'm living with a woman (Suz) who eats peanut butter every day. She goes through jars of the stuff so quickly and so joyously that I figured maybe, just maybe, I should give it another shot. It had been a long time since I first tried it, after all, and it's not like I hate peanuts or anything. Guess what. I FREAKING LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. It's amazing. I can't believe I have been living without it for my entire life because of a decision I made when I was three years old.


I was reading this post about the offensive tags on politisex and I learned something new: the term "brown sugar" is not just a "code for sex with WOC" (which I knew) but the old street name for heroin. The Rolling Stones song is talked about, but the song that immediately sprang to my mind is D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar", which is one of my favourite songs (and albums) and has been since it came out, about 13 years ago. I was like, *surely* D'Angelo is talking about a girl, not *heroin*, so I went and checked the lyrics.

IT COULD TOTALLY BE ABOUT HEROIN. I've always loved the lyric, "That's why my eyes are a shade of blood burgundy" but I'd always just assumed he had bloodshot eyes because of all the hot sex he was having! And then later he mentions that she's "got a big sister by the name of Chocolate Thai". Chocolate Thai is a kind of cannabis.

HA! I mean, I think D'Angelo is just being metaphorical, but it is amazing how many heroin inspired songs there are out there. According to the internet "Fire and Rain" (which is my and Kirsten's song) is all about James Taylor trying to kick the habit: "Won't you look down upon me, Jesus/You've got to help me make a stand/You've just got to see me through another day/My body's aching and my time is at hand/And I won't make it any other way..."

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