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A bunch of episode reviews

It's not just that I hate and fear change it's that the new profile page is fugly. Jeez, LJ. This time you really did cross a line.

30 Rock, 3.02: Believe in the Stars

This review will consist of me bullet pointing some of the things I loved about this episode:

- Kenneth and Jack. I love that Jack cares so much what Kenneth thinks of him.

- I love that Kenneth won't do hypotheticals because it's like "lying to your brain", and so to put his virtue to the test Jack was forced to make it 'real'.

- I love that the only two things Kenneth loves in the world are everyone and television.

- I love that Kenneth would unthinkingly sacrifice his own life to save others (LOLOLOL. That lift scene. omg. I nearly died from laughter).

- I love the brilliant social commentary and the way that 30 Rock can distil a million fandom discussions about racism and sexism into a couple of hilarious scenes.

- I love that Jack thinks white men have it hardest because of all the pressure they're under.

- I love what a druggie Jack is and how he insisted on giving pills to Liz that made her completely insane, and how understanding and non-judgemental he was when Liz made a fool of herself, because he went through exactly the same thing himself and that's how he found Jonathan.

- I love that meeting Jack was the best day of Jonathan's life.

- I love with the fire of a thousand suns Liz's inability to shut up when meeting Oprah, and how perfectly ridiculous all her problems are.

- I love that Oprah was really a twelve year old girl.

- I also loved the actual twelve year old girl they cast.



Prison Break, 4.09: Greatness Achieved

Oh my goodness! They gave Bellick a redemption arc this season, they got me to actually care about him, and then he sacrificed himself for the team! Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.

What was also amazing is that I remained on Mahone's side throughout the entire episode, and I'm not generally a fan of torturers. Of course, if anyone deserves to be brutally tortured and murdered it's Wyatt, and William Fichtner is such a great actor you never stop feeling the pain he's in over losing his son, so the torture pretty much always feels fair enough.

The only thing I'm not liking at the moment is the 'Michael is dying' storyline. It's an unpleasant waste of my time given that Michael is the main character and has to live if they are to continue to make the show (unless WM is leaving and they're carrying on without him, which, well. I don't think I need to talk about how unbelievably stupid that would be, do I). And if this IS going to be the last season then it's the height of cruelty to end it by killing off Michael. No points.


Friday Night Lights, 3.06: It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy

This was my favourite episode of the season so far. It was amazing. I love that JD is now an actual (sympathetic) character, rather than just the guy responsible for ousting Matt - and even though his father is unlikeable I'm finding him very interesting. I also like JD's mother and I'm enjoying her friendship with Tami (God knows Tami needs some female friends).

The highlight for me though was Matt and Julie rekindling their romance, which has been handled so brilliantly this season that when they took that last step and had sex for the first time, it felt organic, realistic, sexy and sweetly romantic. I *recognised* those feelings they were having; they were both so ready for it, they knew it was coming, they weren't scared, they couldn't resist it. Just perfect. And what a wonderful contrast to the scene in the first season when they planned to have sex but backed out because they were simply too young and had no idea what they were doing. Zach Gilford is a truly extraordinary actor btw.

On the other hand, Tyra's romance with Cash makes me very uncomfortable, and I hate that he sweet talked his way back into her arms by the end of the episode, because I don't trust him one bit and I'm convinced he's bad for her.

They really seem to be playing up the white trashiness of Tara's mother and sister (and Billy) this season. Or at least, playing it for laughs a lot more. From the Finding Nemo wedding vows to the hideous angel wedding dress, I'm slightly worried that they're laughing *at* these characters, but at the same time it *is* funny, so. *shrug*

Anyway, welcome back great show, season three is made of awesome.

Smallville, 8.08: Bloodline

I know it is basically a terrible line of dialogue, but when Clark said, "No one's going to mess with Lois and Clark," I briefly fainted from joy. It's just, hearing those words come out of Clark's mouth means he now thinks of them as a team. A unit. Also, everyone else can tell he's in love with her and maybe he doesn't *completely* know it yet but he's getting there, and it's just the single most romantic thing ever, I love him, I love her, I love THEM, I love Smallville this year, and I never thought that would be possible because of my long term devotion to Clex, but it's such a joyous experience to be smitten with a pairing and actually get to watch their romance unfold on the screen, subtext be damned! ♥

Chloe has won me over this season - she's very interesting (so long as she's not Brainiac of course) when she's not being used as a researcher for Clark (which always annoyed me because it meant that Clark never had to do any of his own research) and when they're not giving her romantic storylines. I am so on board with a morally ambiguous super-brained Chloe whose dedication to Clark (as superhero, not boy crush) will cause her to risk her own life and others.

Speaking of which, I really liked Oliver's reaction to seeing Chloe's new powers. He's right to be concerned and to insist that Clark do something about it -- although what Clark can actually do to 'save Chloe' is beyond me; she's a grown woman and he can't make decisions for her -- but the irony there is that super!Chloe was indispensable in this episode: she was the only person on earth who could have saved Clark (and Kara). (And like, if Brainic is responsible for sending Clark to the phantom zone, why would he then rescue him? It HAS to be Chloe acting on her own, right?) So while it's probably in everyone's best interest that Chloe gets help, we just saw how important her powers can be, and how completely screwed Clark would have been without them.

Erica was amazingly foxy as Faora - her line delivery was both funny and chilling.

And Tom Welling continues to be the most beautiful and sexy man on television ever, but that probably goes without saying.


The X Factor

I wasn't a fan of Laura but there's no way she should have been in the bottom two. This show sucks. It's sad how much I'm missing Austin - without his performances to look forward to I just don't care anymore, and anyway, the public are clearly hell-bent on voting out all the best singers - we are so heading for a final showdown between Daniel and Eoghan. :|
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