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Smallville, 8.07: Identity

If Smallville keeps moving this fast my story is going to be out of date by Thursday.

Still, I am not complaining.

Identity was pretty much legendary from start to finish, but my favourite moments were as follows:

- Clark and Lois and the red dress of zippy hotness. GUUUUUUUUH. I especially loved the flashback to her expression in the later scene. Lois, you are my hero.

- Chloe killing someone to protect Clark. That's so dark and awesome, and I know a lot of you think that it's Brainiac but it really makes for much better drama if it's Chloe acting on her own (and there have been no other hints this season -- have there? -- that she's anyone but Chloe, albeit Chloe with a super-brain). If Brainiac was in control that's just boring, and why would he care about protecting Clark's secret anyway? It makes more sense that it was Chloe because she does believe that if you have the power then sometimes you have to use it do unconscionable things. I can totally see how she would justify killing if it meant keeping Clark safe, but what's tragic about it is that she can never come back from this - she's done something that Clark would never, ever *ever* condone, and if/when he finds out it will *break his heart*. And that in turn, will break Chloe's heart. It's utterly brilliant, and I honestly can't believe the show went there. (If it turns out that Brainiac was in charge the whole time I take back this entire paragraph, btw.)

- Everything else.
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