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Gossip Girl, 2.08: Pret-a-Poor-J

The Vanessa hate in this fandom is really starting to bug me.

She is not a bad person for not liking Blair or Chuck, okay? Blair and Chuck deserve every bit of hatred they get, because they are both assholes. They’re lucky anyone gives them the time of day quite frankly, and I say this from a place of deep love.

Blair *completely fucked Vanessa over* for NO GOOD REASON. Blair is vindictive, jealous, whiny, selfish and insecure. Yes, she is also an amazingly sympathetic character, but being a sympathetic character doesn’t mean she’s beyond reproach! Jeez.

I love Vanessa. She’s beautiful, smart, compassionate, a decent human being, and she has great chemistry with Chuck. What is there to hate about her? If your reasoning is because she doesn't like B&C then okay, but please stop pretending that B&C didn't ask for it, and please stop pretending it's because she's an awful person. She's about as far from being an awful person as Chuck is from being heterosexual.

Speaking of which, I find Vanessa/Chuck to be infinitely more interesting than Blair/Chuck, because I love opposite personalities in a pairing - there’s just so much more tension there, and the possibility that Vanessa could help make Chuck a better person really excites me. (For the same reason, I am quite intrigued by the idea of Dan and Blair falling for each other.)

Chuck has become my favourite character. He’s lonely and unhappy, and after that glimpse we got last week of his desire to change, to do the right thing, and his obvious attraction to Vanessa (who is the antithesis of Blair), I am truly invested in his journey. He’s Gossip Girl’s Lex: a troubled, angry boy who does bad things partly because the people he loves don’t expect anything more from him. But when Vanessa sees that he’s in pain, and that he just needs someone to believe in him, she immediately puts her trust in him, and Chuck responds to that in an uncharacteristically healthy way. I found that genuinely moving, and it really upset me that Blair jeopardised Chuck's chance to form a friendship with Vanessa.

Blair is bad for Chuck, and I think that might be the reason I don’t have any interest in seeing much more of their relationship. Sure, the actors have great chemistry, but the characters hold each other back and it’s getting boring; if we want some character development on this show (I know I do) we need to let them move on. (This goes double for Dan and Serena btw. Please tell me I’m just imagining them starting that fucking bullshit up again.)

It happened in the OC too, remember? The creative team’s inability to think beyond Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Summer for seasons on end, despite it being bad drama.

Dear writers,

You are not meant to be the crazy shippers here. Please leave that to the experts (us).


Mostly I found the whole “Say you love me” storyline rampantly stupid, and I’m glad Chuck came to his senses by the end, explained to Blair (and us, because I so wasn’t understanding it) why neither of them could say it, and walked out.

Did anyone see the Nate/Jenny thing coming? Because I sure as hell didn’t. You’ll never see me complaining about Nate being shirtless or making out with girls, because he is unbelievably hotass, but Jenny? Really? That’s just wrong on so many levels. Although… I kind of like the idea of him saving her from the creepy photographer and then corrupting her himself (with his penis). If Jenny loses her virginity to Nate and they start fucking like bunnies in the loft, right under Rufus’s nose, I think I will be able to get on board with this relationship. If he treats her with respect because she’s so young I will just be bored.

One thing that has really sucked about this season is the lack of Rufus and Lily, both separately and together. I know the teenies who watch this show probably don’t give a fuck about them, but there are a lot of us who do! Rufus has been relegated to the role of dull, bad-advice-giving daddy, and Lily is only in every other episode. Why are the writers forcing B/C and D/S on us when the one REAL OTP in the show is being completely sidelined? Tossers.

Finally, Dan actually made me laugh! His reaction to finding out that Blair needed help to get Chuck to fuck her was priceless. Messing with Blair’s head towards the end was too callous for me to respect (although NOT Vanessa’s fault, GG fandom) but I didn’t hate him quite as much as I normally do, which is progress.
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