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Bring back Lois and Tess. :|

I am so very very sorry for Jennifer Hudson and her family. D:


I did watch "30 Rock" but I need to watch it again because I was very drunk at the time. Still, OH MY GOD. Could this show be any more perfect? JACK AND LIZ!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



I don't have anything to say about this episode that hasn't already been said, but if you want to know how I felt about it go read duskwillow or latxcvi's reviews.


The X Factor

As much as I love and adore Austin and as much as I want him to win, I couldn't in all good faith vote for him this week because I really didn't much care for his performance. I'm not a fan of the song "Mack the Knife" (I find it boring) and it was utterly the wrong choice for someone of his age and stature. It's frustrating that Simon chose it for him because Austin has such a beautiful voice and with a different song he could have rocked Big Band night. I also have serious issues with the dressing of short men in waistcoats, because they always look absurd to me, and oh my GOD that walky clicky dancing thing he did needs to not be inflicted on me again, and should have died with Leon. Austin can actually *move* on stage and yet the choreography on Saturday made him look silly. Damn you, Simon.

Alexandra was absolutely amazing and the most polished performer of the night, but again, *not original*. Her performance of Candyman was an almost carbon copy of Christina Aguilera's, down to the *costuming*. And after Simon's (absolutely correct) complaints that Alexandra needs to find her own style I cannot believe he was responsible for that song choice. So she didn't get my vote either.

Laura did nothing for me and I thought Ruth and Diana were both great (Holy crap Ruth's DRESS) but Kirsty, Hilary and I decided that our favourite performer of the night was definitely Rachel, who *finally* did a song worthy of her amazing vocals, and I personally adored the unflattering gown she was wearing because she looked like the soul diva she is.

I swear to God though, if Louis says one more time that Eoghan is the "one to beat" (the most meaningless, overused phrase in the history of this show btw) I will punch somebody. He sucks, and he's creepy, and there are at least five other singers who are FAR FAR better than him, and I need the judges to get the fuck over him already because they're really starting to piss me off.

Daniel being saved is the most ridiculous thing that's happened so far. Louis crying comes a close second.

Hilary was completely outraged that the contestants lip-synced their charity song, but I was relieved because it meant they all sounded fantastic, even Girl Band.


And last but certainly not least, happy birthday my dear radioreverie!! The Clois story is not ready yet unfortunately but I'm working on it. :D I hope you have a wonderful day, honey. <3
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