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Are you a crier?


If you've known me for any length of time you've probably figured out that I am a giant baby who cries at the drop of a hat. It's not uncommon for me to cry over "Smallville" or "The X Factor" or a poignant piece of fanfic, or anything vaguely romantic, or anything involving unhappy/injured/dying animals or anything remotely emotionally rousing. I cannot get through the scene at the end of "Ten Things I Hate About You" where Kat reads out her poem to Patrick without weeping, "Friday Night Lights" gets me almost every episode, various Buffy episodes rip my heart out every time I see them. You catch my drift.

I would not recommend watching "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" while you're pre-menstrual btw, but if you haven't seen it you should absolutely rectify that immediately. Nothing has made me cry that much (as in, from start to finish) since the last time I saw "E.T." (I'm not even sure if "E.T." is genuinely upsetting all the way through, but when I saw it for the second time in my early twenties I went in with a strong memory of being a little girl in the cinema -- possibly for the very first time -- with my family, bawling my wee eyes out. I didn't stand a chance! The movie begins, E.T. is being chased by guys with guns, Kate bursts into tears and doesn't stop crying until the end credits.)

Diving Bell though... holy crap, what an extraordinary, heart wrenching film. Do you like movies that make you cry? See this then.

A few other films that have made me bawl:

"The Lives of Others" - I completely lost it in a packed movie theatre. I was sobbing my head off throughout the last few scenes and then when the final credits rolled, the guy next to me (who I didn't know, but who had noticed me crying) says to me cheerfully, "You know the lead actor? He's dead. Had cancer during filming." Bastard stranger made me *wail*. I was all, "OMG WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS?" Him: "Aw."

"King Kong" - See above re animals and romance.

Tell me about some of the movies (or episodes of television) that turn you into a blubbering mess!
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