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Smallville, 8.05: Committed

How much do we love tigers, you guys? These pictures make me so happy. :)


I loved this episode so much. From Lois being drunk and saying what we all were thinking about Chloe and Jimmy then making an inappropriate speech about it, to Clark and Lois investigating together and pretending to be engaged (LOL best worst plan ever), to them both being captured and then Lois being forced to admit that she's in love with Clark (okay, it sucked a little that Clark didn't have to say it back, but THEN) to Clark in his exceptionally sexy office clothes, holding the lift doors open for Lois then looking *genuinely* bothered by Lois's claim that she hadn't been telling the truth. I love how *smug* he was when he thought she loved him, and then how after she walked away from him how he was *very obviously* thinking, "but! I preferred it when Lois loved me! *DEEPLY CONFUSED*" ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Erica has never looked so unbelievably beautiful, and Tom, of course, was his usual glorious self. I also thought Allison looked really lovely in this ep. Kudos to the hair, makeup and costuming people.

Tess is just amazing and I am enjoying her and Ollie together; I like that SV is not ignoring the fact that Ollie is a total womaniser. Yay for actual sex with no apologies, and just general adultness this season! It's all very mrowr.

Chloe and Jimmy still don't interest me as a couple though, sorry (although the handcuff thing was trufax awesome).
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