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Film hell, Charlie's ear, The X Factor and a poll about LJ friends.

The weekend was weird. On Saturday the girls and I went to a couple of films at the film festival, the first of which was lovely ("Cover Girl" with Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth), the second of which was the single worst film experience I've maybe ever had (and I've seen "Salo"). If you ever want to know what my idea of film hell is, check out "Tony Manero", a deeply disturbing "black comedy" about a man obsessed with winning a competition to become the Chilean Tony Manero (it's set in the late seventies, during Pinochet's dictorship). I was so traumatised by it I burst into tears afterwards and I'm pissed that I agreed to go to it without reading a little more about it first, because if I'd read the entire blurb in the festival guide (instead of just listening to Kirsty read the first couple of sentences and telling me it sounds fun) I would NEVER have agreed to go. Phrases like "a horribly believable, realist portrait of obsession" and "brilliant, suitably dense lead performance as the misanthropic, misguided anti-hero" would have told me that this was not going to be my kind of movie. Oh my God. It's like the director said to himself, "hmmm. What are all the things that Kate would absolutely hate?" And then put every single one of them in his film.

It's very good if you like that kind of thing though, and I must admit, I cannot stop thinking about it, so I guess it did its job.

Then I got home to discover something wrong with Charlie's ear. He had the first of his leukemia shots on Friday so I wonder if it's reaction to that, but he now seems to have an ear infection if the internet is to be believed. He keeps scratching his ear and shaking his head, and it's lying a bit flat. ARGH. (I actually wrote this bit yesterday and thankfully Charlie seems fine today, so I guess it must have been a side effect of the shot. Which is a relief because he's bleeding me dry right now. I can't remember the last time I was this broke.)

The X Factor

Yes, apparently this is the only show I want to talk about these days! Even though, like, only three of you give a shit. I'll cut this for once, to spare the rest of you.

It's official: Austin has overtaken Alexandra as my favourite - I'm completely in love with him and I think he's got a better voice than any other male artist in the charts at the moment. It's so fabulously rich and soulful, and he's just *magic* on stage. I didn't love the Billie Jean arrangement (which apparently Simon has used before on American Idol?) but I loved him singing it; he is unbelievably sexy. Suz and I were both quivering with lust by the end of it, and if I'd been in on Saturday night I would have probably voted for him ten times.

Alexandra is someone who needs to find her own style, and fast, because she's remarkable but all she's done in the show so far is sing Mariah and Whitney songs and it's getting old (as Simon rightly pointed out). Also, I'm not worried about her career post X Factor if she doesn't win - I found out the other day that her mum was the lead singer of Soul 2 Soul! And she's really good friends with Joss Stone! So she's got all the right connections in the music biz already, and Simon would be crazy not to sign her for a record deal no matter what the outcome of this series.

Diana is growing on me - I thought she was amazing this week - my second favourite performance after Austin's. Rachel was *awful* and out of tune, but I still want her to go the distance because she's one of the best singers in the competition. Dannii is clearly the wrong mentor for her, unfortunately. I still hate Eoghan, the creepy little punk. >:(

Girls Aloud were awesome. ♥

(OMG I just heard on the radio that Beyonce is going to perform in the final show!!! *air punch*)


I have not seen Smallville yet, but hopefully I will get a bit of solo living room time tonight after work.


And now for the interactive portion of the post.

I constantly see people moaning about the term "friends" in relation to livejournal. They're all, "it should be called a 'Reading List'", and other people always agree and I don't think I've ever once seen anyone defend the term, which is weird because surely not everyone has a problem with it.

Personally, I like it! Yes, defriending people is probably made harder because it's implied in the word itself that you used to be friends and now you're not, but for the most part I find it quite nice to consider you guys friends. I mean really, if we're going to nitpick, most of you more accurately fit the definition of acquaintance, but "Acquaintance list" doesn't have the same nice ring to it as Friends List, does it. It's almost too honest or something.

So this seemingly widespread desire to make livejournal more formal and less "friendly" is not remotely appealing to me, despite the risk of occasionally getting hurt when someone defriends me. How do you guys feel?



If no, what would you prefer instead?

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